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Ongoing Comics:
*Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes
*Courtly Love 5.31.03
*Fox Tales 10.30.03
*Jixo 10.3.01
*Answered Prayer 5.17.03
*Mair the Defender 4.25.99
*Super Quick Comic 1.30.01
*A World Without Shoelaces 1.14.02

Completed Comics:
Flying in Pajamas 4.11.02
*Ten Minutes 12.31.99
*The Problem of Happiness
*Priceless Gifts
*Dream Love

*Stone Fighters 6.23.00

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1.7.12 Sorry to spam again, but The Healer and the Pirate is available now on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and in print! To everyone who's read my comics through the years, thank you. I'd love for you to stalk me check out my latest endeavors!

11.24.11 As promised, I'm letting you know I'm published!  The Healer and the Pirate, a Christian Romance Fantasy with Pirates, is available for sale on Kindle.  Please check it out!  You can view the first 2 chapters for free.  It will be available for other formats soon!

3.27.08  I'm afraid I don't have any particular plans to continue any of my series, but I do have some vague ideas for wrapping up Courtly Love.  I've been working on writing since I'm stronger in writing than I am in art.  ^^;   I will post here when I get fiction published, LOL.  :)

1.29.05 One more new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes!

12.9.04 Yes, one more new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes! I'm afraid it'll probably be the last M&J update for a while, since I don't have any more aritsts lined up (or plans finalized ^^; ). I am trying to finish the next chapter of Courtly Love--shh, it's a secret. ;)

11.29.04 Crazy, but there's another new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes!

11.22.04 Crazy, but there's another new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes!

11.15.04 I'm sorry for the wait; I couldn't find an artist to draw this page, until the remarkable and amazing Mabel Yonamine stepped forward! Thank you! Anyway, there's another new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes! I know you've been burned oh so many times, and don't expect pages in a timely manner anymore...and I don't blame you...but I really do have the next *3* pages on my hard drive, generously contributed by guest artists, so I really do aim to update on a weekly basis during that time. As for what's after that...I have to draw those plans, don't I...but I don't have any aritsts lined up either...

8.2.04 Another new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes, again, with guest artist Caroline Smith! Once the next artist finds his pencils hopefully he'll get to work and I'll update again soon (though no sooner than Saturday ^^; ).

4.9.04 Another new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes, again, by guest artist Allen Montgomery! Next page won't be for at least a few days even if we're all very lucky, as the artist is away from her scanner. (The goal was to have weekly Saturday updates, but don't hold your breath; this is last Saturday's up today. ^_^; )

3.28.04 A new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes by guest artist Allen Montgomery! Next page whenever the next artist finishes, or Saturday, or whenever I remember to update...whichever comes last. ^_^;

3.20.04 Please do not faint, but I actually have a new page of Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes. Will there be more new pages? I think that's up to you. Check it out! There's also a new guest art piece.

I am slowly chipping away at finishing the next chapter of "Courtly Love," too, but don't expect miracles. Thanks. ^_^

Oh, and by the way? NaNoWriMoing was a mistake. I met some neat people who I'll never see again and wrote another piece of fiction that's so bad and wrought with errors that it's probably unsalvagable. (I was trying to edit my other NaNoWriMo piece and I still don't know how I can do it. And I actually thought that one was genius when I finished. ^^; ) I'm still writing fiction, but I can't write it well under such a short deadline. Ugh. I'm writing something right now that I hope turns out rather better...

10.30.03 I still did absolutely nothing....sorry. ^^; But there's four "new" (all right; three were drawn in 1999 but were re-sent to me ^^; ) alternate covers for Fox Tales 21.

Free Talk

3.20.04 Ha! It's been less than a year since my last Free Talk! No need to do a new one! HA!

5.31.03 When it's been well over a year since your last Free Talk, it's probably time to do a new one, even if you don't have anything to talk about. I've been trying to find womens' cargo pants that have a bunch of pockets and I just haven't had any luck at all. Even the Old Navy ones all have drawstring waists (is that the defining feature of cargo pants? I don't get it...) and also seem to be "low-rise." Ick. There are some kind of promising-looking nylon cargo pants in the Land's End catalog (I guess I'm a 40-year-old woman at heart ^^;;; )--six pockets and the legs zip off if you like, to make shorts. Not that I wear shorts, but the utilitarian part of me likes that idea anyway...

And my computer's picked up the charming quirk of refusing to start up when I first try in the evening--once it gave a flashing question mark folder (which is very bad) and I think today it was just a frozen Mac logo. Both times I've fixed the problem (well, enough to get the computer started again ^^; ) by unplugging the computer (just forcing a restart doesn't help) and then starting up again. This last time, it made a kind of violent noise, though, so I'm a little scared.....actually, I think I'll go make a few more backup copies of my data now, just in case. ^^;;;; On the up side, I technically have the financial means to buy a new one if it's necessary, though I'm so cheap, I'd rather save my money. Still, I'd better buy a new computer before I move out and have bills to pay....but then I don't know if I should get a laptop (cheaper than the new iMacs (!) or an ugly but cheap eMac. Either one would be better than what I have now, though I'm concerned about compatibility issues with the programs I use now... I just hate change.

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