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Character Notes: This is some really pointless stuff I wrote/drew when trying to do model sheets for the series (a couple years ago). The pictures are rather ugly; this'll mostly just be the text from the model sheets typed up, and some reference photos...

All interested parties (especially folks who want to draw for me hint hint ^_-) are more than free to browse. ^_^

All photos were scanned in fully without permission, for non-profit purposes. The only reason they're here is because I thought the people in them or the poses resembled my characters, and I thought this might help prospective artists. I apologize for any infringements and will take down pictures upon request.

Miranda Sullivan

(Miranda's watch--she always wears it on her right wrist, and its band is red)

Miranda's little quirks in appearance/etc. are generally based on me (I used to have that NASTY habit of writing myself into my own stories; I've just now broken myself of it...). Except I don't have the purple braid. (Well, neither does SHE, anymore... ^_-)

Notes from the model sheets:

Left eyebrow normally raised when she smiles (not really important, but I noticed it when I saw my driver's license photo. ^_^;).

Can raise either eyebrow (ie. to give someone a funny look) but usually left

DON'T make lips too big (the picture I have to illustrate this is wildly inappropriate ^_-;;;)

Wings do NOT glow!

Prefers loose clothes--NO JEANS!

(Also always--or almost always--wears tennis shoes...)

Her wings roll towards her body (towards her spine), not away from it--when they're rolled up tightly, they can fit under a swimsuit. (Convenient, huh? ^_-;;;;;) But generally they're always under her shirt--of course.

Reference pictures:

For 'real-life' pictures of Miranda, the best bet is checking out my profile page.....I don't have many good pictures of myself there, but it's the best I've got. ^_^;

Kris MacArthur

Your generic womanizer. Woo-hoo.

Notes from the model sheets:

Doesn't mind loose sports jerseys

Do NOT forget earring on left ear

Nervous habit of running hands through hair

Almost skinny (didn't get that across in the model sheets OR the comics...not sure if it still holds...)

Wears watch on left hand

Reference pictures: (I have no clue who these people are--they're all stolen from Entertainment Weekly, and the first one looks (when shrunk ^_^;;;) like it might be Brad Pitt, but I doubt I'd be that blatant...would I? The third guy is from (or WAS from) "One Life to Live"... His hair's wrong, but the face is pretty good...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Jeremy Calford

It's always hard for me to figure out what Jeremy's supposed to look like. He has a haircut not found in nature. ^_-

Notes from the model sheets:

Do NOT forget chin! (Good advice... ^_-;;;)

About the same shape as Heather's face

Usually wide-eyed

Bangs VERY sporadic

Eyebrows brown; not thick

Usually looks childlike (didn't pull that off, eh? ^^;)

Reference pictures: The first one is from "My So Called Life" (which I never really watched)--I think it's the nerdy guy no one likes. ^_^;;; The profile's not too bad for Jeremy, though... The second one's from...uh...a movie, I think. ^^; Neither picture is a striking resemblance at all...(I think I had the second one for the hair? Although Jeremy has BANGS, you know...)

Picture 1
Picture 2

 Jonathan Harris

Even harder to find good pictures of than Jeremy....

Notes from model sheets:

Face goes nearly straight down on 3/4 shots (I was referring to the outline of his face--you know, the part near the ear on the side farthest from the viewer. I doubt I've put any effort into keeping this trait...

Supposedly, the area from his ears down was shaved (on his HAIR, I mean)--I doubt I kept that either.

Can almost look boyish if happy

Not surprising to be depressed (like you didn't know THAT already...)

Insecurity in stance--almost reminiscent of some (early) Conan O' Brien. (::laughs::) Well, they're both tall red-headed freaks... ^_-

Comparative heights--Mindy's head reaches up to his eyes; Anna's, to his chin.

Reference pictures: I have no clue who this guy is (aside from a mystery writer). He's got a good likeness, though (well, aside from not having purple skin ^_-).

Picture 1

Mindy Fisher

Not much to say about Mindy, either...looks like all my girls. (Of course.)

Notes from model sheets:

Often too much make-up (probably doesn't apply NOW, but certainly did in the past)

Often triangular earrings (NOT in fights!) (She knows better than to wear dangly things when she's trying to kill someone. ^_-)

Big lips

Remember two strands of bangs on either side

Often angry (there's a shocker)

Head very circular (supposedly, to make her look different than my other characters, I tried drawing her face as a circle instead of an oval...)

Doesn't have really thin arms

Hands glow pink in anger (another shock)

Only wears a watch if dressed up (left hand)

Shorts tend to be fairly short

Wears tennis shoes

Reference pictures: I think she's a singer. Not really a great likeness, but I thought it was at the time...

Picture 1

Heather Reid

Didn't put much thought into her character design, either.

Notes from model sheets:

Head an OVAL

3 stitches (on left side of face--her right (side opposite the eyepatch)--dunno if that keeps up later or not; I don't think I was consistent...)

Eyebrow shows over eyepatch (oops)

Hair sporadically wavy/curly

One of the few full body shots of Fox Tales characters I did that isn't totally AWFUL... (dunno if the shoe comment applies)

Reference pictures: She has a pretty good resemblance to Joan Osborne, a singer who was popular a few years back (when I was working on Fox Tales in earnest). Except Joan doesn't have scars, and Heather doesn't have a nose ring. ^_- (Nor does she pluck her eyebrows quite like that...) Heather's nose is narrower than Joan's is in Picture 2.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Edward Green

Acts way too much like Wolverine. ^_-;;;

Notes from model sheets:

Note eyebrows (they go up near the outside edges--I was trying to make him look freaky ^_-)

(Also note the heavy lines under his eyes...)

Remember large-ish chin

Nails should be about 1 and 1/3 longer than length of finger (or shorter if desired) (don't know if I've kept to that)

Fingers almost stubby (really not sure if I've kept to that, seeing his piano skills...)

SOFT curves around face!

(Don't forget his tattoo--downward-pointing triangles circling his right arm above the elbow)

NO sports shirts

Somewhere between 'stocky' and 'muscular' in build (really unsure if that still holds true)

Wears belt under untucked shirttail

Posture usually defensive--like a cat, but less graceful

ONLY wears a jacket/pants when it's cold (or if he was dressed up...)

BLACK tennis shoes

Reference pictures:

This guy is the spitting image of Billie Joe Armstrong of the band Green Day. (Except Edward has some musical talent. ^_-) Just a few pictures... (The third one is WAY too ironic--and frightening--not to include...)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

David Baldwyn


Nothing much to say about him either. He's about the only recurring character I have who's over 30, so you can actually draw lines in his face. ^_-;;;

Notes from model sheets:

Practically straight nose (not adhered to by me ^^;)

Wears a sports watch (also not adhered to by me ^^;)--left hand

Reference pictures:

No clue who this guy is; I pencilled in a beard. ^_^;;; Not much of a likeness at all, but the hair's right.

Picture 1

Matthew Reid

Just another generic guy.

Notes from model sheets:

Always same hairstyle; curly hair

NO contours in face--all straight or covered with hair (basically what I meant by that was no real sharp angles. Oops.)

Head fairly narrow

Often has mouth open

Rarely looks determined (unless it's something very important)

Wears black high-top tennis shoes with a white toe--size 9 1/2 (whatever)

Reference pictures:

I always pictured Matt looking a bit like Johnny Galecki (SP????)--Darlene's boyfriend David on "Roseanne," and also star of a couple made-for-TV movies. ^_- But a lot of that is probably due to the 'sad clown' hair and the fact that David on Roseanne has kind of the same personality as Matt. Oh well... I picture Matt as more slender than him, somehow...

Picture 1

Anna Harris

No clue what she really looks like...

Notes from model sheets:

Lips not too wide (whatever)

Reference pictures:

The first one's from the kinda sorta recent movie "Othello" (I never saw it)--somehow the picture reminded me of her (although I fall into the trap of, if a movie star is in anything that looks anything NEAR colonial, she reminds me of Anna ^_-;;;). See; the second one's from "Jane Eyre;" the third, from NBC's miniseries "Gulliver's Travels." Go figure. Just look for a domestic type, and I'll call it Anna. ^_^;;;

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Daisy's ear--oh, a bad girl! TWO earrings!

My model sheets for Daisy almost exclusively say how many braids she should have depending on which view. Kind of silly, really.

Reference pictures:

Cut her braids short, and Ani DiFranco (sp?) is a dead ringer for Daisy. So much so it surprised me when I found the picture in the newspaper (but that was back when I was on my Fox Tales kick; the same picture now probably wouldn't even draw my attention...)

Picture 1

Cougar Hernandez
I've got no models for Cougar (well, I had a couple pics of Hispanic actresses, but that was kind of pathetic). If she ever gets to change forms, though, I've got a couple cool sheets of mountain lion pictures my friend Sarrah drew that I'll scan in for your reference. ^_^


I don't have anything much for Lucia, either (no model sheets, at least)...

Reference pictures:

I thought she looked kind of like Meg Ryan in THIS picture, at least... (Lucia's hair is shorter, though--or, at least, NOW it is; when I came up with her, it might not have been. ^_-)

Picture 1


Nothing much for him, either, except....

Reference pictures:

This guy is the spitting image of Rex Chapman (last I checked, he was playing for the Phoenix Suns, but I don't keep up with basketball...or any sports...). Probably doesn't look as scary as Rex does in the smiling picture, though. ^_- Also probably has slightly longer hair...

Picture 1


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