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Notes for Chapter 2

Page 1

When I was drawing the first panel during dinner one night, some guy (friend of a friend) seriously asked me, "Are you in architecture?" I kept myself from laughing, but it was hard.

Can you tell I had trouble with Fiaona's personality? She's probably got mental problems anyway...

Page 2

It would be wise to keep in mind that Fiaona is making up for a 'failure' on her part...that's kind of significant...

Oh, and the cape is standard issue; it's very warm, very light material, and can be folded to fit quite easily in the pouch in the front of the outfit (with lots of room to spare).

Page 5

Don't you think you'd go insane if you had a walkie talkie actually attached to your head?

I'm getting more and more tempted to make Fiaona an outright lunatic.

Page 7

She's holding her necklace there. She does that a lot.

Page 8

English translations:
panel 2:
panel 3: "Give me your money" (and then probably something not very nice)
panel 4: "I said, give me your money."
panel 7: "What the #%$@?!"
"It's a #%$@#%# light saber!!!"

Page 9

English translations:
panel 1
: "She must be from space or somethin'!"
panel 5: "Her blood..."

Page 10

English translations:
panel 10:
Andrew: "Are you okay there?"

Page 11

English translations:
panel 1: Andrew: "You're bleeding!"
panel 2: Andrew: "Okay. Get down here. It's OK."
panel 3: Andrew: "Wait here, OK? Hang on."

Page 12

Whoa. Perspective. First time in this manga so far.

English translations:
panel 5:
Andrew: "You're up!"

Page 13

English translations:
panel 1:
Andrew: "How are you doing?"
panel 2: Andrew: "Are you--"
panel 4: Andrew: "You don't know English, do you? Then what am I supposed to do with you? What about..."
panel 5: Andrew: "Here. Watch this."
panel 6: TV: "Yay! One plus two is three!"

Page 14

Fiaona was quickly able to pick up English hesitation noises, at least.

English translations:
panel 1:
Andrew: " name's Andrew..."

Page 15

Someone expressed confusion on how Fiaona could 'pick up English' so quickly. Well, on the one hand, this page was supposed to take place slightly later than page 14. But more significantly, it goes on the theories of 'core conversations' used in our Japanese class. Basically, we learned simple replies to simple questions, instead of how to use words properly. Like, "Daijoubu desu ka?" is "Are you all right?" Without knowing a word of Japanese, you could reply, "Hai, daijoubu desu yo"--"Yes, I'm all right"--and not sound too awfully offensive. (If you used the right accent, someone might even think you really knew Japanese!) In other words, Fiaona just picked up a few random phrases and words from watching an afternoon of children's entertainment. She pieced together the meanings of 'you' and 'okay,' and picked up 'yes' quickly, as well. Of course, the fact that she picked up anything at all implies that she's probably pretty bright...

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