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Notes for Chapter 3

Page 1

Way too rushed...too much 'action' in just a few panels... Supposedly, Shimon's daydreaming and gets interrupted by Tam.

Page 4

Just trying to come up with actions that betray Shimon's roots--even if you know a language, the body language you use can betray you. Yeah.

A friend apologetically told me that the picture of Mike looked like something from Evangelion. I agree, and for that, I'm sorry.

Page 6

When I just plain can't come up with something to do with my hands, I often grip one wrist with the other hand...

Page 7

I drew pages 7-12 in a flurry in the span of a night.

Page 10

The kids look like ghosts. Whether they're really ghosts, or visitors from heaven, or simply figments of poor Shimon's imagination is entirely your call.

You can tell the kids apart by their hair color, mostly--pay special attention to page 11, and you'll have a good grasp of things. Or at least just remember that Kialla's hair is all white. (Well, aside from the sketch lines...)

Page 12

The society Shimon comes from really is very complicated. I'm not sure how much I'll wind up explaining in the manga, though...maybe when it's all done, I'll put up an outline of how the place works. But it'll probably make some sense by the end of the manga anyway.

The towers in panel 6 are the structures where families live. In case you couldn't tell.

Page 13

I'm not sure if I'll tell Kialla's story in full; I do have it sketched out in the top of my Sociology of Popular Culture class' notes, though... I'll probably tell another bit in flashback form...

I coulda sworn I said this somewhere else... Jarin was constantly studying to be an administrator-type (like Noluda, actually...)...that's one of the occupations that you can't just choose on a whim; you have to pass an exam to qualify, although someone with very strong interpersonal skills (like Noluda) can actually become administrators even with mediocre exam scores...the basic idea is that an administrator must either know their stuff better than everyone who's working under them, or they have to be so good with people that they can earn the trust of their underlings...either way, it still takes some studying to qualify...

Most of pages 13-18 were drawn in the course of one late night, as well...(at a friend's house!). I had to finish it at page 18, because I was out of formatted paper! (Well, OK, I use a T-square and a lap desk...but those were all of 20 miles away...)

Page 14

Panel one is frightfully out of proportion, but it didn't look right when I put the mom behind the dad...

Page 15

I didn't mean for this whole thing to be humorous...good for you if you thought it was funny, though. At best it's awkward, eh?

Page 16

I know pages 16 and 17 look awful, but I drew them in an ULTRA flurry, and it was a very draining experience to boot. Really, it exhausted me! I just flopped down after finishing page 17...and then made myself draw page 18 anyway...

I should have brought God into it, but I forgot. (Just like I would have if I had been in Mike's shoes as a child, I'm afraid... ^^;;;;) C'mon, aren't you a little scared that if you were in a plane crash, your last words would be, "Oh, #$@%!!!" or something like that? Or am I the only one?

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