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Notes for Chapter 4

Page 2

I originally intended to put a lot more of Kialla's death scene in--much more dialogue, etc., but this is what I wound up with.

Page 4

Uh...did I mention their house wasn't supposed to be too nice? (Well, it's just small, is all.) Poor Josie couldn't even afford a house that was drawn with perspective... ^_-

Page 5

Transition? What's that?

Page 7

Yeah, I know the characters don't look like aliens, very much...their skin was supposed to have a greenish tint to it, but whenever I tried it, it looked TOO funny... But hey, at least Andrew explains why she looked different. Yeah.

Page 9

I thought this was clear, but I got one confused e-mail, so obviously I'm not that great of an artist. ^^; Shimon pulls a HAIR off of Josie's head (not a wire ^^;). The slight pain from this is enough to jolt her out of her JIXO.

Page 10

I know the dialogue on this page just sounds funny, too...

Out of necessity, Shimon's people see nothing wrong with forming a Jixo with someone else--even a total stranger; they wouldn't imagine it as spying or anything. But this is the first time Shimon's actually had something he wanted to hide...

Page 11

The little flecks in panel 6 are supposed to show that Josie is performing a 'second degree Jixo' on Shimon. This is when the Jixoer stays conscious, but can kind of glimpse into the Jixoee's mind--to tell he was lying, for instance.

Page 12

Man, I botched the 'dramatic shaded eye thing' in panel 4...they do it so well in Pokémon (but Ash wears a hat...) and also the manga of Rurouni Kenshin...

Page 14

The problem with Shimon's planet is that there's too many people and not enough food (and space).... It's partially overpopulated, but the main mistake was misuse of resources--making their animals and plants extinct instead of working to breed them and such. The few plants left are so inbred, even the scientists have trouble making them reproduce, and cloning them would be ineffective.

They hadn't explored Earth earlier because of fear of the unknown and an unwillingness to mess with other species unless absolutely necessary.

Page 15

In case I wasn't blatant enough, that test virus released in an apartment building (all families live in a big tower complex of 1200 occupants each (I believe)) was what killed Shimon's 'kids,' and what caused him to enter his spiral of depression.

Page 16

The 'recycled' part is rather generic, I know, but it would be necessary in a world where almost every living thing is already extinct... The fact that Shimon's so defensive about it hints that maybe his people have some qualms about it, although Shimon obviously sees nothing wrong with the idea that people should be killed once they are no longer useful...

Page 17

Shimon's people...erm...don't have the same carnal lusts we have. Males and females do have relationships, but all children are produced by artificial insemination. (Children ARE born from women, though--that's one of the 'careers' which can be chosen at the age of 15, and, since they use drugs to make the pregnancy and labor practically painless, it's not a bad choice, really.... The government thinks everyone should be born from someone, not a machine--perhaps they had problems with the latter form in the past, or maybe because, well, someday they may have to breed their people for food; if they didn't consider people born from machines to be *people,* it might be easier...)

Page 19

The squiggly part in panel 5 is when Fiaona is crying, in case you couldn't figure that out.

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