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Notes for Chapter 5

Page 1 cliche it's kind of sick...

Page 2

...I *really* should've put more thought into the virus before I started writing...I know it doesn't make any sense; just bear with me, okay?

Pages 3 and 4

Took a surprisingly long time to draw...

Page 5

If you don't get Fiaona's flashback, it may help to read the first bonus story...I'm hoping to have a more extended flashback (or at least explanation) in the second bonus story...

Page 12

...I know this is so badly drawn it's hard to tell what's going on...(hopefully the dialogue compensates?)...Shimon's so mad he figures he'll stomp on Fiaona's fingers, but Kialla gets in the way...(I think this was supposed to be the last time he sees her. Um, oops...)

Page 13

A lot of my pages wound up getting kind of greyed up in the 3-month or so interval between me drawing them and scanning them, so I had to up the contrast an awful lot on some pages, which made things kind of ugly on pages such as this one... No excuse for the awful lettering on panel 8, though.

Page 14

The queen of drawing motion strikes again. Sorry; that was sarcasm. ^_^;;;

Page 15

I was gonna have Andrew punch Shimon, but it didn't happen, for some reason which I've forgotten by now...

Page 18

I tried to make Shimon's handwriting all angularish like the writing of his people (you see that writing on the index page, BTW). My guess as to why Josie trusts Shimon so much is because, since she can form jixos, she can tell if he's lying or not. Yeah, that sounds good.

Page 20

'Takes a life to stop a sickness'...actual idiom, or pathetic attempt at explaining why everyone thought someone had to die to kill that stupid virus? Who knows? If I had actually taken some science classes in the past 3 years of my life, maybe I could come up with some legitimate-sounding explanation... Probably, what they're calling a 'virus' is not technically a virus at all; I can't see how it could be an enzyme like Mad Cow disease, though, if it's contagious and someone from Shimon and Fiaona's planet could break it up but humans couldn't... Whatever it is, since it's been developed so that it won't harm *anyone* from Shimon and Fiaona's planet, it would *almost* make sense that they could break it down while it has the potential to wipe out the vast majority of the human race.


Page 21

Oh, sure; now I blame Fiaona for the fact that I didn't think everything through... ^_-;;;

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