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Notes for Chapter 6

Page 1

I drew out the first probably 6 or 8 pages of this chapter, but I didn't like them, so I finally redrew them (months and months later @_@). They come out pretty much the same as the original, though...

I also decided to color them a little--blue for tears and sweatdrops, red for blushes.... (I did that to the old issues too @_@)

Page 2

Green is what I used for when someone's on Shimon's planet; blue, when someone's seeing through a JIXO. So I guess since Kaln can't form JIXOs, that color on page 2 is supposed to be green...

Page 3

Yeah, Kaln's nuts.

Page 4

Good thing I redrew this; otherwise it wouldn't make any sense. @_@ (I don't think I did any worse than my previous draft, anyway...@_@)

English translations:

panel 6: Josie: "Hey! You! Are you OK?"
panel 9: Josie: "Hey!"

Page 5

Dunno how Kaln knew Shimon was a name and not just an English word that sounded like his language, but here we are... Josie's awfully willing to help, though.

English translations:

panel 1: Josie: "I don't nderstand you...I...saved your"
panel 2: Tam: "Mom!" Josie: "Tam!"
panel 3: Tam: "Hey, funny-looking man! Do you know Shimon?!"
panel 4: Tam: "Is he all right? I'm scared..."
panel 5: Josie: "Tam!! Get away from him!"

Page 6

I rather forgot about Von the dog throughout most of the first and second draft of'd think Kaln would be more fascinated by a living animal, but I guess Fiaona wasn't either...

English translations:

panel 1: Josie: "You can match the symbols..."
panel 3: Josie: "Good luck. Remember me and Tam--OK?"

Page 8

Wow, Josie's got a lot of drugs in her cabinet...fortunately, Andrew' medical student, anyway...

Page 9

That's Kaln's flashback in the beginning, of course.

Page 10

By this point, even I was getting Kaln and Andrew mixed up...

Page 15

They draw people about as well as we learned how to in 5th grade art class. ^_^; (Actually, the 'sausage limb' concept wasn't bad; I think most of us just got carried away..)

I have no idea how Kaln knew the word 'dog.' In his own language, nonetheless.

Page 24

Endings are hard--good thing I get an epilogue...^_^;;;

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