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These are any sketches I've drawn in the making of JIXO. Mostly just for the heck of it.

kids.JPG A sketch of Shimon's kids, all grown up. Drawn when I was working on a really boring paper. Filled with random English phrases and words in Shimon and Fiaona's language. The quote "The dead really do grow up" is stolen from an upcoming chapter of one of my ::cough:: novels (has nothing to do with JIXO) but I thought it sounded cool, and was appropriate.

If anyone cares, from left to right: Sareta's a bodyguard of some type; Kialla's a parent (like Shimon); Chen's a worker (nothing fancy; just obeying orders--some manual work); Cella actually forms JIXOs with the dying (a very stressful job, but she doesn't have to work many hours a week ^^;); Jarin is a head of a scientific complex (which he spent his childhood studying to become).


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