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Notes for Bonus Story 1

Page 1

I guess you could call Noluda Fiaona's 'boss;' that's really not exactly it, but... Hopefully I'll have time to explain better in the second bonus story; if not, I'll at least write some notes for it. ^_^;;; I don't know where Noluda's name came from; I'm guessing it's a variant on the name 'Solude' from the Anime series "Maze"...

I know I didn't explain it well, Fiaona and Shimon's world, everyone picks a job at the age of 15, so everyone works... Fiaona is talented enough to warrant an assistant--someone whose job is to basically do whatever she says. Traditionally, scientists have their assistants help with research and the like; a few scientists treat them like secretaries or have them fetch their food or whatever... I have no idea what kind of falling-out Fiaona had with her last assistant (my guess would be he criticized her, or maybe didn't notice that there was a problem with the first virus Fiaona developed...), but if it's any consolation, if Noluda had any say in the matter, he found a new person to work with instead of going off to be recycled...

Page 3

Hmm...I'm not sure if Fiaona's handwriting is sloppy or not... As to why she writes with a pen instead of on the computer? ::shrug:: I'm guessing she likes lower technology stuff...or, I mean, unless you're having the computer do the math for you, you probably wouldn't do an algebra problem on the computer, right?

In case it wasn't blatantly obvious, Fiaona takes drugs to keep awake all the time, since her work is so important (at least, in her own eyes)... These drugs are perfectly legal, maybe even encouraged; I think the main side effect they have is shortening the lifespan....I don't know if Fiaona's people can just naturally do without sleep (humans generally can't, although I suppose one could train oneself, maybe?) or if they can compensate in some other way... Either way, Kaln is absolutely right when he says it's not good for Fiaona not to sleep.

Page 4

I *think* Fiaona's room only has one bed; an assistant would probably supposed to be sleeping on the floor or something.

Obviously, Kaln isn't quite as driven as Fiaona...

Page 5

In case I was unclear... They do the week's 'recycling' all on the same day of the week, so if someone was marked to be recycled after that day, they get to wait a whole extra week until that day of the week rolls around again before they get recycled. When someone utterly fails three times at his/her job (they can try switching careers, too, if they get desperate...), they're recycled. Kaln's reluctance to be recycled is not societal; people aren't supposed to mind it...but then, he's 19, and I think he actually enjoys living (novel concept, eh? ^^;)...

Page 6

It's a little weird that Fiaona takes Kaln's appraisal of her so seriously, since he obviously doesn't know what the heck he's talking about... I'm guessing she got some rather painful reprimands (if not externally, at least from her own conscience) about her terrible failure at the virus to wipe out the humans; probably everyone she talks to now is at least kind of suspicous and doubtful of her abilities, but Kaln has utter faith in her skills. And I, at least, know it feels *really* good to have someone with complete faith in your skills/utter admiration of you, whether that someone knows what he or she is talking about or not.

The number 700 kids killed doesn't really mesh too well with the 1200 people in the complex bit I mentioned in another note somewhere...oh well...

Page 7

Kaln's insistence on being only Fiaona's assistant? He probably thinks himself incapable of learning the science skills he'd need to work with someone else... He's just not that good at science-type stuff, really; I initially thought he decided to be an assistant on a whim, but now I'm wondering if he really does want to work with scientists (they do a lot of things that help people) but just can't learn the stuff he needs to know to do it...

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