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Notes for Bonus Scene 2

Page 1

Really could've used a better initial establishing shot...I originally had Kaln sleeping in a large room with...I dunno; other assistants or something, but I decided to put him in Fiaona's room. Rather inefficient of them to not give him anything to do while his mistress is gone...

Page 2

Noluda was supposed to look a lot older here than she did in the first Bonus Scene, but I can't draw old people (and besides, I didn't want her to look THAT old...). So I just put some crows' feet by her eyes (ironic, since I rarely give her a chance to smile or anything ^^;;;). ANYWAY, the years have supposedly been hard on her.

Page 3

Anyone getting the idea that Kaln's kind of lazy? ^_- The basic back story, by the way--the portal to Earth (made by some other scientists in the group) needed someone to try it out before Fiaona was sent. Kaln insisted on being the one to go...but they didn't realize that it had to be in alignment (a feat that only happens about twice a year), and since it was out of alignment, it really really really hurt; it scrambled his atoms just enough to put him in permanent pain. (Such a grasp of science I have. ^_-) So now he can't form JIXOs, as pain drives one out of a JIXO...

Page 5

I think this page explains Noluda's motivations pretty well...she took it really hard when her mother was taken from her, so she decided to serve as parent to as many people as she could, and live as long as she could, for their sake.

Page 9

About now, I was wondering where the heck Noluda was when Fiaona left the planet. I'm guessing she was probably sick.

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