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 Guest Art

If you have any art pertaining to Jixo, please send it to me (or send me the URL) and I'll put it here. Thanks!

(And there's some fun crossover pics/pics with many series (including "JIXO") on my main gallery page.)

Last updated 10.3.01


 jixo1.JPG Nate sent me this cool picture of Fiaona and Shimon (plus Fiaona's necklace/pendant). Cool shading, especially, and I always think it's cool when people draw my characters' costumes with, you know, details....


 shimontamw.jpg Steph sent me this very pretty marker picture; she was complaining the colors are too dark and light, but I thought it was splendid.


  fiaonafinal.JPG Another very cool picture from Erin McGuire. The shading is great again, and I love the glowing sword.


  shimon.JPG A very cool watercolor picture of Shimon, by Erin McGuire, who was on a "natural media" (instead of CG) trip at the time. ^_^ Her knowledge of where shading and such should go makes me ashamed of myself...


  teen.JPG A picture of Josie as a teen, by


  julibihngift.jpg (800x600) and julibihngiftbig.jpg (1152x864) A beautiful piece of desktop art by my favorite CG artist Julie Dillon. (Makes me wonder if she's the only artist reading it, but hey, if someone of that caliber likes it, I'm happy...) Shimon is on the left, accompanied by Mark from "Mark and Jenny," and Jenner from "Courtly Love."

shimoncg.jpg WOW. The goddess of CG, Julie Dillon, drew Shimon!!! Instead of being jealous, I think I'll just be amazed and appreciative. ^_^

jixokids.JPG Wow, Steph drew such a sweet picture... (Poor Shimon would be crying if he saw it...) Shame on you, Steph, for putting Tam in clothes a little girl might actually wear! ^_-

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