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Her Majesty's Companions

Here ye shall encounter a crudely illustrated listing of all Her Majesty's associates and friends. Such listing may adversely affect the enjoyment of reading chapters I through XIII of Her Majesty's encounters, so please read carefully.


 Her Majesty Queen Olivia came into power after the sudden deaths of her parents. She was briefly enamored with a charming knight, Sir Gregory, but has since set her affections upon her loyal courtier, Jenner. Her kingdom is a small one, protected by a larger kingdom, but please do not share that information with outsiders, or else Her Majesty will have my head separated from my body. She first appeared in Chapter I, Page 1.

"It's wrong to love outside of marriage. Why should I have to sin to love?" --Chapter III, Page 11.


  Jenner is Queen Olivia's favorite courtier. He is exceedingly loyal to her, but fears to return her affections, instead wishing for the Queen to be wed to one more worthy and powerful. He first appeared in Chapter I, Page 2.

"I hope to stay at Your Majesty's side forever...I just...we cannot marry..." --Chapter III, Page 11


  Sir Gregory is a well-travelled knight of Her Majesty's castle. When Her Majesty asked for Sir Gregory's hand in marriage, he professed to love Mallory, a kitchen maid, and eventually was allowed to wed her. Before his marriage, Sir Gregory was very amourous to most of the ladies of the castle. He first appeared in Chapter I, Page 3.

"They're women. They'll always trust their beloved. I'll swear I did nothing indecent--I would never 'sin' against my beloved, or beloveds, or whatever..." --Chapter IV, Page 9


Mallory is Sir Gregory's wife, and also Jenner's half-sister. She used to be a kitchen maid but now spends her time in housewifely duties. She first appeared in Chapter I, Page 8.

"I don't understand--but I can be happy working in the kitchen...especially on a holiday...and if I like the company..." --Chapter X, Page 5


Miriam is a travelling physician of unknown origin. She has befriended Mallory, after having a negative experience with Sir Gregory. She first appeared in Chapter VII, Page 6.

"If you commit a sin, it is between yourself and the Father. But when you cause pain to another human...I shan't allow it, no matter the cost to myself." --Chapter VIII, Page 11


Kinsley is Sir Gregory's new pageHe first appeared in Chapter IX, Page 8.

"I get bored easily. I need a change--" --Chapter X, Page 6


Eric is Queen Olivia's advisor. He first appeared in Chapter XIII, Page 2.

"I wish Your Majesty would have read my speech... The rabble will get all sorts of strange ideas." --Chapter XVI, Page 4


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