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All art and works of fiction, and combinations of the two, which pertain to our Queen and her servants, shall be graciously accepted by myself and placed on this page, provided they are of virtue true. Please deliver all clean submisions to Her Majesty's servant, or send a message indicating where the piece can be viewed, and they shall be displayed here, so that all the world may know the greatness of our Queen.

Also, some images in the scribe's main gallery page contain images of Her Majesty and her friends, with inhabitants of other realms.

The most recent acquisitions are arranged first.

  queen.JPG Lady kUu contributed this rather beautiful image of Her Majesty.

  cleojenner.JPG Princess Cleo sent in this elegant and whimsical portrait of Jenner, in which his physical strength is clearly shown.

  oliviajenner.JPG Lady Steph, formerly of the Land of Insanity, and now affiliated with the realm of Linework, submitted this unique and beautiful piece, created by transferring premade sticks of liquid color onto her fingers and then putting that ink from her fingers onto a piece of paper. Her Majesty's hair is particularly detailed and lovely.

  miriamlil.JPG Lady Lilith of the land of West contributed this wistful portrait of Her Majesty's doctor Miriam, without her hat. Miriam's eye and expression are both beautiful.

 jennerlil.JPG Lady Lilith of the land of West submitted this nicely shaded ink work. Her Majesty's courtier bears an expression of true longing.

  jenner_olivia.JPG Lady Erin of the realm of McGuire sent this monochromed piece. The shading is elegant, and Her Majesty's affection for her courtier clearly expressed.

 mark_jenner.JPG Lady Erin of the realm of McGuire produced this rather strange work, where Her Majesty's courtier has extremely long hair. It is rumored to be related to the land of Vigilantes.

 olivia_shao.JPG Lady Shao of the kingdom of Otakugirl created this lovely image. Her Majesty's hair is again down, and she has a lovely smile, with beautifully coordinated garments. Her Majesty's perfect figure is accentuated here as well.

 erinpresent.JPG (800 units in breadth and 600 units in length) Lady Erin of the realm of McGuire submitted this desktop-sized work. Its highlights are simply marvellous, and the artist captured the color of Her Majesty's eyes particularly perfectly.

 Uncourtly_love_small.jpg Contains stylized nudity; not suitable for children (I rate it PG-13). Lady Renny of the realm of Buton contributed this piece, which Her Majesty thinks shows off her figure very well, as well as making her advisor look extremely handsome.

 prettyjenner1152.JPG (1152 units in breadth and 864 units in height) Lady Julie of the realm of Dillon sent this magnificent piece, which portrays Her Majesty's advisor, Jenner, in a striking, windswept pose. This is a personal favorite of her Majesty's scribe.

  julibihngift.jpg (800 units in breadth and 600 units in height) and julibihngiftbig.jpg (1152 units in breadth and 864 units in height) Lady Julie of the realm of Dillon submitted this work, which portrays Her Majesty's advisor Jenner, along with two other men, rumored to be from the lands of JIXO and Vigilantes. This piece is well worth examining closely; all the beautifully rendered characters have remarkably realistic, almost machine-like, highlights and shadows.

 byebyegreg.GIF Lady Steph of the Land of Insanity submitted this piece, which features Her Majesty's advisor Jenner as he ponders a solution to one of the troubles which plagues him. More information on the other character may be viewed here.



courtlylovecat.JPG Lady Cat of the land of -chan submitted this lovely work, which truly captures Our Majesty's beauty, and accurately portrays her advisor as well. The work has been wondrously colored, and the eyes are eerily lifelike.


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