Courtly Love Personality Test:

By Julie Bihn

Mark this test truthfully, indicating whether you strongly agree (SA), agree (A), disagree (D), strongly disagree (SD), or are unsure about each statement. When you are done, click on the button at the end. The largest number indicates the character most like you; the smallest (probably a negative number) indicates the worst.

(Note: Your best match is probably NOT the first character on the list! Check ALL the numbers to see which is the biggest!)

This is solely for entertainment purposes; don't take the results seriously.






 1. I am bossy.

 2. I love food.

 3. I feel I can't live up to the expectations of my religion or belief system.

 4. A monarch should always be respected and have full control over his/her people.

 5. I am afraid of dying.

 6. Sometimes I wish I had been born the opposite sex.

 7. I go out of my way to look attractive.

 8. I would gladly die to protect a loved one.

 9. I am (or aim to be) well-educated.

 10. I would make great sacrifices for love (give up my liberty and/or put up with societal disapproval).






 11. It is all right to cheat on your partner.

 12. I get bored easily.

 13. If someone hurts one of my friends, I deeply wish to take revenge.

 14. I like hats.

 15. I am streetsmart.

 16. I believe in ghosts.

 17. I am rather concerned with what my parents would think if they saw how I was behaving.

 18. I enjoy outdoor activities.

 19. I love touching/kissing others (or being touched/kissed).

 20. Duty is more important than love.






 21. I am outgoing/extroverted.

 22. I exercise regularly, or engage in physical labor.

 23. I have little regard for social rules.

 24. I would never lie.

 25. I like to travel.

 26. Friendship is more important than romantic love.

 27. I am selfish.

 28. I strongly desire a domestic life.

 29. I aspire to become great.

 30. I think I am a good person.

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