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Any contributions are more than welcome--just send the files (or the URLs) to me. Thanks!


 byebyegreg.GIF Steph sent me this short should probably read "Courtly Love" to get the true meaning of this, but the last two panels have Mair, so I thought it could go here too. ^_^


 mairt.JPG by Black Stealth ( The first pic I've ever seen to incorporate all the characters in "Mair" in one convenient location. No, really, even I haven't drawn that. ^_-;;; I like it.


 ginger.JPG by Jeramy ( I think you'll know where this one's from.


 "Mair the Offender" Clay's gift for my 2000th hit on my main page. (This guy should get a job working for Hard Copy! ^_-)


 "Still More Crossover Craziness" Clay Boutilier's (very funny!) gift art since he was unfortunate enough to be my 1000th hit on my main page.


 4julie.gif by Clay Boutilier (

This is a panel he drew for a book of his now discontinued online manga; Mair is trying to comfort the guy with love advice. And failing.

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