Kind of an in-joke; the guy in the 4th panel is the slimy Saitou (Rurouni Kenshin) lookalike guy that my roommate draws much better than I can ^_-. The main reason he wound up in boxers is because I couldn't remember what clothes he wears. But of course it was funnier that way, too. ^_- So yes, it loses something in the translation and all, but isn't that the way all gifts should be? (And if you aren't familiar with Anime/manga, the foot in the fourth panel is symbolizing that my roommate did a 'face fault'--that's where characters are shocked by something and wind up falling on the ground (often they have a leg sticking up and twitching, especially if they're in a faint). The 'twitching' reference is actually to my roommate wanting to kill me for drawing such a thing, though. ^_-

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