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This contest ended 11/23/99. (Check out the winners!) Here's the answers of who's what Pokémon and why!

Pokémon copyright Nintendo, Game Freak, etc., and used entirely without permission, and not for profit. Trust me, I'm losing money (well, a few dollars) off this...


 Mark: Dressed as Chansey. Yes, Mark's my favorite character, and Chansey's my favorite Pokémon. I was considering dressing him up as a female Nidoran, but I thought that would be too obscure for everyone to get. And Jynx is just SCARY. So I settled on making him Chansey (IMO, the third most female Pokémon ^_^;).


 Jenny: Dressed as Hitmonchan, a fighting Pokémon. I suppose technically I ought to have dressed her as a Hitmonlee (Hitmonlee kicks; Hitmonchan's its punching counterpart) but I think Hitmonchan's cuter. (Did you figure out where they got their names? 'Lee' and 'Chan?' Think 'Bruce Lee' and 'Jackie Chan'... ^_^ Took me several months to figure that one out) I guess I also could've made her a Mankey or a Primeape, but she would've tracked me down and murdered me for dressing her as a 'Pig-Monkey' Pokémon... ^^;


 Samuel: Dressed as Growlithe, the puppy Pokémon, because he's basically a puppy for Jenny... ^^;


 Hun: Dressed as Charmeleon, the Pokémon who evolves from Charmeleon and won't obey Ash in the series. I only dressed her up as it because Ash still loves his Charmeleon despite the fact that it's totally disobedient--Mark is the same way with Hun (although Hun's a bit more compliant...).


 Maria: Dressed as Vulpix, the firefox Pokémon. In the series, a Vulpix is kind of the supermodel of the Pokémon world, and lazy to boot.... Not quite like Maria, but they're both sought after because they're pretty. Yeah.


 Cat: Dressed as Eevee because they're both pathetically loyal (well, the kid's Eevee in Pokémon was...) and cute.


 Mr. Hoffman: Dressed as Persian (the evolved form of Meowth) because that's the Pokémon that looks most like a cat. (It's also much stronger than Meowth.)


 Dora (the psychiatrist): Dressed as Raichu (Pikachu's evolved form), because psychiatrists (well, really bad ones, anyway) like shock experiments. Get it? ^_^; You'd be surprised at how many people missed this one... ^^; *I* thought it was very obvious.


 Thanks for playing, everyone! Hopefully I'll come up with another contest sometime!

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