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This installment dated 2/4/00.

Hmm...maybe I *won't* move "Mark and Jenny" after all...::big shrug:: I have a lot of stuff to rant about for no reason, but I don't think it belongs here. ^_^;;; If you're quick, it'll be in my free talk section on my main index page... Aw, heck, if you want some witty insight--if you take the 'C' off of 'Carson,' you get 'arson.' Not a plot point...yet...bwahahahaha! (Kidding! ^_^;)

I still need a new computer. ^^;;;;;;;;;; Well, hopefully this summer.....

Random link of the week:

Fang Boy Kaoru Koganei Er....yeah, it's my own page...but I just put it up this week and I worked really hard on it, and I can't think of any other sites to link to anyway. ^_^;

Next time: I have an idea, but I haven't decided if it's any good or not, so we'll see. ^_^ See you next Friday!

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