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This installment dated 2/25/00. Check back every Friday for a new installment! (Really!)

Yes, if you noticed, I threw in Dusty from "Out of Fika," (now disappeared; best I found was his guest spot on this online comic (scroll down) which I'm unfamiliar with, but it has Pokémon! ^_^) without permission because it was a spur of the moment thing...(not that he *did* anything...) Dusty's writer recently drew me another picture though... ^_^

Random link of the week:

Things Rurouni Kenshin Charas Never Say! (kind of dirty)...okay, it's not quite fair for all of my readers who *aren't* familiar with "Rurouni Kenshin;" I doubt it would make any sense to those of you who don't (and it's not always completely clean, either...)...but when I was studying Joyce last night (you know, that explains a lot... t_t;;;), I laughed so hard I wound up with tears in my eyes (and nearly dislocated a contact). I'm still laughing over the 9th one of Sanosuke's (although that requires knowledge of *two* Anime series...). Um...ookay...

Next time: ...I still have no plan... See you next Friday!

This is page 4 of Arc 9-Driving Insane. (95 pages cumulative.)