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This installment dated 5/12/00.

Did you know that in Japan, manga artists often have someone else draw the backgrounds for them? I am SOOOO incredibly jealous...

I'm also depressed; Simplenet was bought out by Yahoo! quite a while ago, and now they're even merged in NAME; I'm now using 'Yahoo Internet Services'. ICK. And of course the quality of service has gone down since Simplenet was acquired... T_T I would switch web servers, but I figure whatever lovely service I found would probaly be bought up within six months anyway, and I would've changed my URL and everything for nothing...(yeah, that's why people get domain names, I know...).

Oh, right, and I'm done with school for the semester! ^_^ I think I did well in all my classes, and they're OVER! I have to find a job for the summer...^^;;; Hopefully I'll get a job that DOESN'T make me depressed; if I do, "Mark and Jenny" won't go on hiatus again this summer. ^_^;;; (I'm really hoping to get a job closer to home so I don't have to wake up at 6:30 AM every morning; it took me about two months to get used to last year, and they weren't paying me enough to make up for it; counting commute time, I probably could've made as much money working at the mall... ^^;;;)

Oh, and I've been forgetting to show that these characters actually LIKE each other in "Mark and Jenny" (well, when they do); that's kind of a fatal flaw I've been having... ^^;;; So is my grammar. A fatal flaw, I mean. My grammar is. ^_-

Oh, yeah, and if anyone's going to Anaheim for Anime Expo, I'll be there. In case you were wondering. Not in a booth; just wandering the halls...but if you come across someone dressed as Filia (from Slayers) in a yellow yarn wig or a girl in a blue outfit with a bow and arrows and a bucket hat, there's an excellent chance it's, well, *me.* I don't know why I'm mentioning this; I don't think many of my readers LIKE Anime much... ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;

Random link of the week: The Wings of Cranes and Eagles Frankly, not much there, but what there is is pretty good (Japanese and American pilot right before WWII, so far...).

Next time: No, no plan yet. ::sigh:: See you next Friday!

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