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This installment dated 7/28/00.

I've nothing to say, really.

Random link of the week: Newtype's English Website (I think offline 3.18.02) (not that fast on a 56K modem, probably impossible on anything less) I gave up on trying to find a *useful* site or anything... I like this trend, though; it's a Japanese magazine with a webpage (probably abbreviated, but a webpage nonetheless) in English. It still floors me how Japanese websites usually have English which is better than the English on even some English corporate sites...

Or for those of us who *aren't* familiar with every new series from Japan, (heh, that's my Anime club ^_^;) says the rest of Revolutionary Girl Utena will be released next year.....::crosses fingers::

Next time: Er...Mark *will* be back in the next one, unless I change my plan I drew out... See you next Friday!

This is page 20 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (116 pages cumulative.)