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This installment dated 8/25/00.

On time again?! Wooow... I think I should be able to keep my weekly updates up, barring papers and trips home (I can go home for weekends on *Thursday* afternoons and don't have to come back 'til Monday evenings!)...but I'll probably only make 2 or 3 trips home this semester... Oh, and I had horrible awful computer problems recently (more below)...

Oh, and sorry for the brushstrokes, etc.; I actually meant to use a finer brush, but today I found it was broken in two pieces. D'oh.

Random link of the week: Apple's support page Honestly, I'm not in love with their site layout, and you actually have to register to use their Knowledge Base or whatever they call their new beta help page...but you know, none of that matters right now. ^_^; When I moved my computer in the car 100 miles, I plugged it in and the whole left edge and right corner of the screen were colored funny; the colors shifted a bit as I turned the monitor and/or moved it, so I hadn't thought it was burn-in...but I couldn't get the funny colors to go away no matter what I did, and the Apple site itself didn't give me a clue. Finally, as a last-ditch effort before I acturally called tech support (I am phone-phobic) or took it into the shop (which would require backing up all my files, something which is good to do, but...), I posted the question to the iMac discussion board. Someone suggested I use a degausser (my previous searches on the Internet for what might be wrong with my monitor turned up what that was; it's a device that changes the electrical field inside your monitor and thus removes any burn-in)...or, failing that, just wave an electric drill or other running motor in front of the screen. Well, my housemate Jessica had an electric pencil sharpener she lent me, I used it, and it WORKED!!!!! Well, that's how happy I was; I had really been stressed about my computer being broken. Thus ends this lengthy story, which likely should've been a free talk, or at least not in the random link section...

Next time: Must...not...fall...asleep...See you probably next Friday!

This is page 24 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (120 pages cumulative.)