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This installment dated 10/6/00.

Okay, actually, I'm aiming to get my page on a new server before next Friday...^_^; I'll have a forwarding URL here 'til the end of December, though...

Sorry; I'm too tired to really talk much...@_@ Does anyone besides me know the significance of the man with bullet-proof legs? How about Lumbar Lou?

Yes, I need to go to bed!

Random link of the week: Shimane Police Department Office (dead link 3.18.02) I'm not sure quite why, but I thought this page was really cute...the Japanese version has a lot of cute illustrations too, although I don't know what words accompanied them...^^;;;

Next time: I will resolve all my webserver issues, I think. ^_^ I hope to see you soon, maybe even next Friday. ^_^;

This is page 29 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (125 pages cumulative.)