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This installment dated 12/22/00.

I had three paintbrushes die on me as I tried to ink this...and I only had three paintbrushes I could use...^^;;; To be fair, I should've used a pen, but what are you gonna do? It probably wasn't also the best idea to start a story arc that takes place at a Christmas party on the 22nd of December. Oh well.

Random link of the week: Ummmmm..... THE FLYING HOUSE Did I say it was a good site?...well, OK, by linking to it, I implied it was....well, it's not. But I like the series (even if it is written for six-year-olds), page has some screencaps...^^;;;;; I'd been meaning to make a page about the series myself, but I'll never have time... Here's a page pertaining to the Japanese Anime... Or here's a list of most of the episode titles... But anyway, it's Anime. This outdated webpage says so. See? (It doesn't say it anymore ^^; 3.23.02) That's all even (my new search engine of choice, which, you know, really should've been my random link of the week, now that you mention it...^^;;;) could give me...^^;;;

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday.

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