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This installment dated 3/2/01.

Sorry about last week...maybe I'll make it up over Spring Break...I can dream...^^; Of course it's more Utena. ^_^;

Random links of the week: Which Anime character are you most like? There's some fun ones...I did the Utena one (#1 Utena, #2 Wakaba, #3 Miki--woo-hoo, almost all the good-hearted ones! Anthy was dead last!...but I'll keep 4 and 5 secret ^_-), the Kenshin one (it's for the guys I think, but #1 Kenshin, #2 Hiko Seijiro, #3 Yahiko), the Trigun one (#1 Rem (yeah, I had to look it up too; does it help to say it's a girl?), #2 Kuroneko-sama, #3 Vash), the Weiß Kreuz one (#1 Omi, #2 Ken, #3 Toto (who's that???), and the Card Captor Sakura one (#1 Kero-chan (???), #2 Li Syaoran, #3 Tomoyo). There's a bunch of other ones too, but those are the ones I liked ^_^

This is page 10 of Arc 11-Holiday Fun. (143 pages cumulative.)