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This installment dated 3/23/01.

Sorry; I really do plan to make things up (in fact, I've got the next one actually ::gasp:: *planned*), but if I had tried to tonight, I just wouldn't've updated instead of putting up just one page. Someday, though.... (No, I didn't have anything catastrophic happen to me, short of playing computer games and making a cute fairy bunny thing.)

I'd apologize for the image size and quality, but I've apologized enough ^_-;;; (I really have no idea how to save the files more efficiently; if I make them JPGs they're really big and get blocky; if I make them GIFs, they're kind of big and pixelated (please don't make any GIF-making suggestions; you just can't not have large/multicolored graphics at 256 colors--or at least, *I* can't with my programs--unless I go in and spend half an hour or an hour editing out pixels...). End rant.

Random links of the week: Well, to understand this week's bit of nonsense, you'll have to know everything I like. So check out the ever-present Utena Encyclopedia if you still don't know anything about that series. Then (down 3.30.02 ;_;) for more about Osmodiar (the green thing) than you ever wanted to know....well, not really, but I, being too young to have watched much Flinstones, didn't know it was based off a character in that series... And then how can you miss Cats? (Mark really looks nice dressed as him, though...^#^;;;) This site (watch out for PG-13 content; the only one that really bothered me was the full backal nudity (eeewww..), but there's at least a finger as well) should be able to satisfy all your Internet in-joke needs. If that's not enough, then there's (somehow it's just not as much fun as the original...but hey, I didn't think the original was that much fun either ^_^;;;).

This is page 11 of Arc 11-Holiday Fun. (144 pages cumulative.)