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This installment dated 6/27/01.

Random Wednesday talk about my life: I want a Fuchsia Game Boy Advance. I'm not sure why I want a Fuchsia one; they have perfectly good Glacier ones (that look an awful lot like my Game Boy Color, granted) out right now, but I have to wait another week or so before stores will have the Fuchsia ones... I only want a Game Boy Advance right now to play Mario Advance. That's right; I love Mario 2. Sad, huh?

Random Wednesday link: Petfinder Home Page If you like any kind of domestic animals, even a very little bit, I guarantee you'll wind up 'Awwww'ing. Maybe no 'Oohs,' but there's some cute can just sit there for hours looking at kittens...

This is strip 6 of Arc 12-???. (6 strips cumulative.)