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This installment is dated 8/19/02.

I know I haven't been updating twice a week lately, and if I was going to be more honest I'd just tell you to check back every Monday...but if I did that, then I would NEVER update on Friday, whereas if I leave things like this, there's a very small chance I will. Got it?

I actually got some work done on the new "Mark and Jenny" layout/commentaries/etc. this weekend; I'm caught up 'til Januray 2002...that's something....

The comic in the second panel is "Noble Flower," a comic written by me and drawn by a very talented young lady named Ann. Yeah, I know, that kind of thing really belongs in a commentary, eh? I'm working on it! ^^;

This is strip 24 of Arc 17-Suspicion. (77 strips cumulative.)