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This installment is dated 12/9/02.

Sorry to take so long updating; I'd assumed that people would think I took my Nanowrimo seriously and that's why I didn't update through November, but since I got a couple e-mails from people asking why I wasn't updating, I guess that was not the case. (You can read that poor unfinished creature here if you'd like.) Then I got sick (I'm still sick, actually), so I didn't want to update last Sunday--and I didn't feel like updating today either, but I figured the least I could do was at least upload what I'd drawn... I'll color it soon enough; that's not part of the story. If nothing else, it shows you why I color. ^^;

Sorry again for any inconvenience.

This is strip 32 of Arc 17-Suspicion. (85 strips cumulative.)