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This installment dated 8/19/03. Check back every so often for an update!

Random Tuesday thought: I hate Arizona, you know. Right now we're experiencing a major gas shortage (thanks to one of the 3 (!) pipelines that supplies Phoenix with gasoline being broken). Right now much of the shortage is simply because of panic-buying (people not only filling their tanks, but filling the tanks of vehicles they don't use often, filling up gas containers, filling up plastic containers they brought from home, etc). Bleh. People were waiting up to 3 hours in line on Sunday to get gas. I was super-lucky or smart and filled up Friday night (after checking 4 different stations that were empty, I found one with gas to sell). And I'll still have to go out and brave the lines Wednesday or Thursday.... I'm hoping that all the containers in the city get filled up soon so we won't have such a demand anymore.

Oooh, oh, I forgot; everything's OK; our governor says so. Sunday, Janet Napolitano (who was in Indiana, after snubbing the President and not meeting with him when he visited the state) said that "we're all frustrated." That makes me feel better. Did you know she doesn't drive, at all? She has a driver to take her everywhere. And of course the state has its own fuel supplies, so she's not really feeling any pain over the issue. Oh, I dislike that woman. I'd quote her some more, but then this would just turn into a political blog, and I doubt anyone wants that. Especially since at last check something over 50% of my readers don't live in the Phoenix metro area. ^_^;

This is page 12 of Arc 19-Murder Most Fowl. (161 pages cumulative.)