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This installment dated 7/1/98.

(By the way, the inking's kind of off on this issue; sorry. I was using an ink called 'Black Magic,' which doesn't live up to its name (well, unless it's Satanic ink, which I doubt...).

Billy's thought of the week: If you're a fan in Wrigley Field and you catch an opposing team's home run, keep the baseball and throw your spouse back. After all, you can sell the baseball. (Yes, that one came from my brother...guess you had to know the story...)

Next time: (Now with reviews!) "I like this issue!" --Julie
"Is that it?" --Billy
"Is that supposed to be funny, 'cuz I don't get it..." --Julie's translation of her brother's comment

See you next Wednesday!

This is page 4 of Arc 3-Instupditude. (13 pages cumulative.)