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This installment dated 9/9/98.

Julie's thought of the week: Hey, man, Conan O' Brien's gonna be on in PRIME TIME next Wednesday! 9 PM (I think that's Central time, which would be 10 for normal people...). Anyway, watch it or else! (Think I'll get paid for saying that? Pr'y not, huh? Darn. Uh...did I mention that everyone in "Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes" loves to drink Coca-Cola and always shops at Best Buy and loves all the fine companies like Pioneer and the nice folks at who sell subtitled Anime! ^_-)

By the way...Still crooked. Forgot to bring back the originals from home. Oops. At least I got it up on time! ^_^;;;

Next time: You've GOT to see this; you FINALLY get to meet the infamous Maria! ^_^ (No, she's not deformed or anything. ^_- In fact, it's not really exciting at all...but it's an installment...) See you next Wednesday!

This is page 2 of Arc 4-The Weekend. (23 pages cumulative.)