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This installment dated 2/17/99.

Thoughts: Anyone wanna see what my hands looked like after inking this week's issue? That said, I'm feeling pretty good right now; the stuff that got me depressed a couple weeks ago is ALL BETTER. I DID get a nasty flame in my guestbook the other day (about my Anime artwork), but my friends teamed up and got me feeling better, too. ^_^ I thought I inked the first few panels of this installment rather well, but as soon as I started thinking I was inking well, I spilt my ink bottle on the carpet. TWICE. Good thing it's old carpet I didn't even pay for, so it's not a big deal; more annoying than anything else...

Next time: No, really, I know what's gonna happen! REALLY! (Uh...I *think*...) See you next Wednesday?

This is page 16 of Arc 5-Catastrophe. (46 pages cumulative.)