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This installment dated 4/21/99.

Thoughts: I used a paintbrush this week. Yeah, I'm out of practice. ^^; I totally biffed the last three panels; they weren't planned very well. (I planned them very quickly because I was trying to get the panels drawn on the final template before I went out to dinner. And of course I didn't draw a thing during dinner. ^_^;) I used the brush pen for the lettering to give some kind of variation to the letters. But who cares? Mark's finally back! Woo-hoo!

Next time: No, there's no unwritten rule that there can only be two main characters in any given installment. (Nor is there a promise that there will be more than two main characters in the next one. ^_^;) See you next Wednesday!

This is page 25 of Arc 5-Catastrophe. (55 pages cumulative.)