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This installment dated 6/2/99.

That's right; the update day has been moved to Saturday for the time being; I have a new job and I don't have the energy to go online every Tuesday night, even...all e-mails sent to me probably won't be replied to 'til the nearest weekend, either...gomen...

Thoughts: If you haven't ever seen Pokémon, this whole installment probably completely confused you. Unless you don't have cable or a WB affiliate in your hometown, though, I don't pity you; it's your own fault. ^_^

But quickly--Mark and Maria are acting as James and Jessie, the members of Team Rocket (and yes, I know Maria said her line wrong ^_^;). Pokémon are little creatures who generally have a vocabulary restricted to their name, hence why that cute little yellow thing is always saying "Pikachu" and nothing much else. Mark's cat carrier just HAPPENED (read: that thing cost a lot of money) to look like a Pokéball (which is what Pokémon are generally stored in). Mark tries to get Hun to attack like a Pokémon would, but Hun is a cat.

Now go watch the show!

Next time: I will put something up on Saturday, really. See you then?

This is page 31 of Arc 5-Catastrophe. (61 pages cumulative.)