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This installment dated 6/12/99.

Sorry; I know I said I was moving this to Saturday, but I meant I would update it Saturday night, which means SUNDAY. Man, I'm messed up... Oh well; I updated it Saturday this week 'cuz I said I would. ^^;

Thoughts: I'm getting burned out a bit...d'oh... Sorry this is inked so AWFULLY; I used a kind of worn out brush pen to ink it (I don't have the time to use a paintbrush...well, MUCH time...). I'm working on "A World Without Shoelaces," BTW (it's more serious and doesn't really have a message, either, but the art is pretty good! ^_-;;;) On the up side, the job's not quite as bad as it was. ^_^

Next time: See you NEXT Sunday?

This is page 32 of Arc 5-Catastrophe. (62 pages cumulative.)