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This installment dated 9/3/99.

I *should* be making copies of more templates this weekend (since I've gotta make 22 copies of a 12-15 page story anyway...). Wish me luck (on the story, I mean ^_-). Especially since, as of this posting, I wasn't done with the first draft... ^^;

Website I stumbled across this week: (courtesy of Wahoo!)

Elf Life
A comic (not quite a strip) updated every *day* (THAT'S a feat). Shows great potential (it's an adventure/comedy), although I wasn't completely taken with it. But the author put up a link to my page since I gave such detailed feedback about what I thought could be improved. Too cool! (I haven't visited it in quite some time; last I checked it had taken a rather dirty turn. 3.6.02)

Speaking of which, if you want to tell me what I need to improve in this comic, e-mail me. I can't say I take criticism too well (and I really don't know how to improve my art style; I don't have the patience or models to draw everything from life), but after all the e-mails and guestbook signings I've done lately, I'm probably due. (Or I can just wait 'til the 14th when my Creative Writing story gets ripped apart by 21 classmates and a teacher... ^_-;;;)

Next time: Look out--a big deep dark secret will be revealed soon. (REALLY.) See you next Friday!

This is page 2 of Arc 6-Psychoatry. (67 pages cumulative.)