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This installment dated 9/10/99.

Got the new templates done, and they're only a *little* crooked. ^_-;;; Sorry if the lettering's hard to read; I couldn't find my brush pen (and guess what? I just found it next to my keyboard as I'm typing this... ^^;) so I had to letter with a paintbrush, which threw me a bit, especially with the small letters. But actually, it's not too much worse than my usual. ^_^;;;

Website of the week: (courtesy of my inflated ego)

Chansey Trainer's Pokémon Page
This cool person is trying to put up detailed summaries of every episode of Pokémon, plus there's pictures of Chansey and Chansey merchandise, and James pics. Neat, huh?

(Yes, I made that page myself. I'm a weasel, huh? ^_-) If you go there, make sure you click on "Chanseys With Chainsaws"--that's a cool site I DIDN'T make. ^_^

Next time: I get this feeling Jenny's not enjoying this. See you next Friday!

This is page 3 of Arc 6-Psychoatry. (68 pages cumulative.)