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This installment dated 9/17/99.

Not much to say. I've been busy on my webpages. Gloom gloom. (If you think that means I'm depressive, you haven't seen Pokémon lately, have you? ^_-)

Random link of the week: (courtesy of Karl)

NoogyLand - Dean Dodrill's Homepage
Furry art with just a LITTLE Anime influence...(okay, if you've seen the opening animation, you'll probably notice QUITE an Anime influence). Sword wielding mice are cool. Look out, though; if you don't have Shockwave, I don't think the site will load at all, and even if you do have Shockwave, it'll take FOREVER to load (would you believe it took one of the art thumbnail pages about 5 minutes to load over here, and I'm on an ETHERNET CONNECTION???). And a liberal use of frames--in other words, the whole site is form over function (lots of pretty stuff, but not ideal for viewing on any but the very best computers with direct Internet connections). But at least look at the opening animation; it's very cool.

Next time: To paraphrase my roommate, "You left it a cliffhanger?" It should be un-cliffhung after the next one, though (at least, according to the plan I drew up tonight ^_^;). See you next Friday!

This is page 4 of Arc 6-Psychoatry. (69 pages cumulative.)