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This installment dated 10/15/99.

I need a new paintbrush; mine has a couple bristles sticking out... (but last time I went to the art store, I literally didn't have the money for even one little paintbrush... ^^;) I also don't know what's wrong, but my pencil is either marking darker or I'm pressing harder; the pencil lines just don't like to erase...well, they never like to erase, but they were REALLY adamantly against it today....tonight...whatever...

Oh, yeah, and I've got character descriptions written...all I have to do is do some pictures for them...(but I'm going to be busy until Wednesday...)

Random link of the week:

Perry and Ansatsusha's Anime Shrine (now here) Eh, why not? Page belonging to my roommate and her best friend from Oregon. Has some Anime pictures/voice actor info, etc. I visited about fifteen times last week (quick way to look up pictures of Kaoru Koganei, who I dressed up as last weekend ^_^;). The page's name changes on a regular basis. ^_-

Next time: We've got a problem here... See you next Friday!

This is page 8 of Arc 6-Psychoatry. (73 pages cumulative.)