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This installment dated 11/5/99.

Lesson of the week--if you're inking on copy paper from Kinko's and using Pelikan ink, don't use too much ink, or it'll feather. D'oh.

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY CONTEST! (ended 11/23/99) You can win art! I'll be sad if no one enters, so please give it a shot, okay? (As of this writing, there's only 8 entries, and I'll have at least 15 winners, so your odds aren't too bad...)

Random links of the week:

Jessica's Anime Winamp Skins Jessica's a good friend of mine. She likes cleaning, so she cleaned up my food shelf and desk last weekend. I'm still feeling the pleasant effects of not having to search atop my scanner lid for my CD cases... ^_^ (Note 10.13.00, her site's pretty much unconscious...)

Gilbert An impromanga (different artist puts up new section every two weeks) with a guy who is turned into a cat... (Well, there's more to it than THAT, of course. ^_^;). Reminds me of a manga script I was going to write, but it's too similar to Gilbert (although it doesn't have the conspiracy theories ^_-), so I probably won't ever do it..... Oh well.

Next time: Can't you just FEEL the tension? ^_- See you next Friday!

This is page 11 of Arc 6-Psychoatry. (76 pages cumulative.)