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This installment dated 11/12/99.

Next week is going to be stressful.....come to think of it, M&J might be a *little* late (ie. not uploaded 'til Friday night) because I have a difficult paper due next Friday, so I may not have time to draw the next installment... Then Thanksgiving week's will either be very early (ie. Wednesday) or very late (ie. Monday) because I'm going HOME and will be away from my computer for four days...

Man, the Burger King Pokémon toys are painted cheaply...or at least the tops are... (If anyone comes across a Chansey top, I'd be very happy if that person would send it to me... ^_-;;; Happy enough to negotiate...I don't think they've released them yet, though...)

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY CONTEST! (ended 11/23/99) You can win art! I'll be sad if no one enters, so please give it a shot, okay? (As of this writing, there's only 11 entries, and I'll have at least 15 winners, so your odds aren't too bad, especially if you can find someone who knows ANYTHING about Pokémon...)

Random link of the week:

Sumire's Anime Birthday Calendar I finally found it again, after the Great Hard Drive Crash of '99... ^_-;;; I was going to make my own Anime birthday page (ie. the official birthdates of Anime characters) until I finally found this one. ^_^

Next time: I *think* I have the next plan drawn...::runs and checks:: Yup. I remember drawing it. And I have a whole week to find it again, too! ^^; See you next Friday!

This is page 12 of Arc 6-Psychoatry. (77 pages cumulative.)