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This installment dated 11/24/99 (a couple days early due to Thanksgiving).

The contest is over; I didn't even get 15 entrants. t_t Guess I don't have many readers...but some of the ones who sent in entries said some nice stuff, at least. ^_^ So everyone won a small prize (sorry if that doesn't make anyone feel special). Click here for the winners, or here for the answers. I'll make another contest sometime (one that isn't specific to any particular comic), so keep your eyes open.

Random link of the week:

Er...the Anipike Links to info about just about any Anime series you can imagine...

Next time: This just evolved into its own mini-story-arc; don't worry, it'll only take a couple pages (then we can get back to the stuff that brings in the readers ^_-). See you NEXT Friday (December 3rd)!

This is page 2 of Arc 7-Comparison Model. (79 pages cumulative.)