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This installment dated 12/17/99.

I GOT AN A IN MY CREATIVE WRITING CLASS! You have NO idea how hard that is to achieve (well, unless you were in the Creative Writing Program at the U of A... ^^;). I got a 'B' in both my intro to creative fiction and poetry classes last year. A! And I have 24 pieces of Botan Rice Candy, and 3 1/2 weeks of vacation ahead of me. Life is good.

'What are you going to do now?' I'm going to Disneyland!, really, I am....leaving Sunday; coming back Wednesday. So I'll be even FARTHER behind on everything... ^^; I plan to have fun, though, and also to work some, even. ^_^ I will get all my prizes sent out (provided I don't die first or something, which I'd rather not do ^^;). Honest. I won't give up!

My e-mail sending is a *bit* iffy at the moment, too (I lose my smtp server when I'm off the University campus; if you don't know what all that means, just ignore it ^_-;;;). But basically it means I have to mess around with weird stuff/service providers to send e-mail. At worst, I'll wind up sending e-mails with the 'wrong' sender address (if the right reply-to address, at least...).

Let's see...I got all of three responses advising me to keep the shading. (For me, that's impressive. ^^;) So provided I can find the time for it, it will probably stay for a while. It tacks on an extra 45 minutes (about) to my process of putting it up (plus however long it takes me and my computer to agree on a way to save said file ^^;). Maria's hair is MORE plaid; how did THAT happen??? (okay, if I were smart, I'd shade for the COMPUTER, not so my printouts would look decent... ^^; But I like to have a hard copy of my work!) But the shading might change the dynamic of "Mark and Jenny"--or at least how I do it......if I have to shade it, that adds just enough time to the process that I probably won't want to start it the night before (unless I want to be up very late...). Which could

At the least, I'll remember to scan in at 300 dpi instead of 150; the lines seem to be crisper that way. Although again, it could be my use of a finer brush... ^^;

Random link of the week:

BabyCenter | Baby Names No, there's nothing you should know about me. ^_- I find this to be a handy resource when trying to come up with names for my characters. You can search their database by name *meanings,* which is pretty fun. And you can see what your name means, too (well, unless you have a really weird one ^^;). For example, Mark means 'warlike.' ::giggle:: Jenny supposedly means 'white spirit.' Maria, as a variant of Mary, means 'bitter.' But then, most meanings are inappropriate... ^_^;

( know, it's *ALMOST* enough to make me delete that link--their servers were down so they thought showing pictures of a bunch of naked baby backsides would somehow amuse me...)

Next time: Er...the plan's half-drawn... ^^; I'll *try* to get it up on time, but that may prove difficult, what with my mini-vacation coupled with Christmas fast approaching (and I have almost no shopping done! ^^;). But hopefully I'll see you next Friday!

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