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This installment dated 12/24/99.

Merry Christmas (for those who choose to observe it, at least ^_^;). Sorry this was late; I had to do some shopping on Thursday (we just got back from Disneyland on Wednesday ^^;), and I was too tired to put it up on time. ::scolds self:: But almost everyone gets Christmas off, right??? Well, except people working at Walgreen's... ^^;

::kicks certain teacher; he knows who he is, the one who likely didn't give out any A's...:: Other than that, happy holidays!

(Oh, yeah, and sorry I'm SOOOO very behind on e-mail (3 weeks now? ^^;))

Random link of the week:

Erm...I'm too lazy to look one up. ^^; Let's see...... (moved here, no more buyable art last I heard...) has cool costumes, nice (and buyable) art, wolves, Wallflowers, etc. (She went to Disneyland with us too. ^_^)

Next time: No, I don't have it *planned* yet, but one would suspect Maria's going to meet up with her friend, wouldn't one? See you next Friday!

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