~Tuesday, September 10, 1935~

yarnkittymon: :  ::it's very late at night when the people who left Marquis make it home; Libby's exhausted, and the first thing she does is check Isaac's house for Milo::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::has already come home and found Milo at the Kindalls' house, taking him home::

yarnkittymon: :  ::when Libby hears Jack's home, she hurries back home, partly wondering if she can get a bit of mending in before she goes to bed for the night::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::the light's still on in the living room and Jack's in there pacing, trying to work off the frustration at knowing his wife's gone and he can't go find her::

maggybeths: MO: ::he's asleep of course, oblivious to everything. Although, he did spend the better part of two days crying for both of his parents.::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::unlocks the door, smiling weakly at Jack when she sees him::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::runs over and hugs her tightly as soon as he sees her::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::rather surprised to see Jack show so much emotion; quietly::  Jack, I'm fine...we all are...how's Milo?  How are you?

Quantum Catz: JK: ::pulls back, taking a deep breath:: He's been upset but that ain't much of a surprise. What happened?

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::quietly::  There was a freak who was able to steal people away.  He was after ladies who were with child; heaven knows how he knew *that*.  Milo...I think it was Milo...he teleported a good number of the older women of the town...I suppose anyone he thought might be in danger...to Dentam.  ::shakes her head, hugging Jack again, hard::

Quantum Catz: JK: Is everyone alright?

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::nods::  Everyone's fine.  Jack, he wanted their babies.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::hesitates, frowning:: Becky...?

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::softly::  Everyone's fine, and the babies too...at least, as far as Mr. Stowe could tell.  ::smiles weakly::  Turns out Milo didn't have any reason to send *me* away, so don't worry about that.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::chuckles weakly:: Well at least i won't wear a hole in the carpet now. Damn but it was frustratin' not being able t'go find you

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::sighs; softly::  Yeah...I can't say it's fun, worrying about someone, not knowing if they'll be coming back...::sighs again::

Quantum Catz: JK: I'll always come back ::though he doesn't look her in the eye as he says it, and it lacks the self-assurance it used to have::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::softly::  I don't have any idea what I'd do....::shakes her head::  Never mind that.  We're both here now.

Quantum Catz: JK: You look pretty worn out - you should sleep

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::shakes her head::  I'll look in on Milo...then I'm days behind...and unless you want to learn how to sew, you can't help me with *that*.

Quantum Catz: JK: That c'n wait till tomorrow

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::looks back at the mending hesitantly, then softly says::  Are you coming with me?

Quantum Catz: JK: ::hesitates and then nods:: Yeah, could probably do with some sleep

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::smiles just slightly; softly::  I'm sorry I worried you...you can blame Milo, though.

Quantum Catz: JK: Well at least he has a reason. ::hesitates:: That's good, yeah? That he can control it?

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::softly::  I don't see how he could have known we were in danger, though.  It's as if he saw it coming, before it even happened.  And if...if he can use it to get himself out of danger, too...then it's a very good thing.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::nods, looking towards his room:: Woulda been nice if he could've brought you all back again, 's a start, i guess though

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::smiles weakly::  I couldn't do anything at all 'til I was well past twice his age.  ::softly::  Although I never learned to control it.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::reaches for her hand:: Ain't much you can really do about that, you've tried

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::lets Jack take her hand; quietly::  Just let me see look in on Milo, and I'll come right to bed.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::nods:: Alright - he'll be glad you're home

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::smiles, momentarily able to believe that everything's all right; slips into Milo's bedroom and looks down into his bed::

yarnkittymon: ((I think he's old enough for a bed?))

maggybeths: ((I think he's two?))

maggybeths: MO: ::he's on his back with his thumb in his mouth, sleeping soundly.::

yarnkittymon: ((I think we decided 2 or 3))

Quantum Catz: JK: ::heads through to their room, running a hand across his face with a sigh::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::leans down over the boy, gently touching his hair, tears in her eyes::

maggybeths: MO: ::he makes a small squeaking noise and stretches his body out, slowly coming awake. When he sees Libby, he bursts into tears, reaching for her::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::reaches down to lift the boy; softly::  Milo, I'm so sorry...I'm here now...it's okay...::hugs him to her, tightly::

maggybeths: MO: ::he puts his chubby arms around her neck, still wailing. ::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::pats Milo's back::  Mommy's here, Milo.  And you know we'll never let anything happen to you!

maggybeths: MO: ::he hiccups but continues to cry softly for a bit before he grows tired and lays his head against her neck. His eyes are drooping but he isn't sleep just yet::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::softly starts singing Milo a lullaby, one that Jack may remember from his own childhood, if he can hear::

Quantum Catz: ((has she sung it before?))

yarnkittymon: ((The dice say no))

yarnkittymon: ((So if you hae strong feelings either way we can adjust ;) ))

Quantum Catz: ((nope, no's fine :-)))

maggybeths: MO: ::his head comes up for a minute as he fights to stay awake, but Libby's voice has the desired effect and the child is soon fast asleep again::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::gently tucks the boy in, and then slips back into the bedroom::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::has lain down on the bed, though he hasn't undressed yet:: Mom used to sing that lullaby

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::looks a little sad, for some reason::  I heard a woman sing it on Coney.

Quantum Catz: JK: It's a nice song

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::nods, turning to change into her nightclothes; softly::  Did you imagine your life being anything like this, when you were young?

Quantum Catz: JK: I didn't have time for fantasies. N this island ain't exactly what people'd call normal

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::nods again, silently::

Quantum Catz: JK: But i bet you didn't imagine endin' up here either

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::slides into bed; turning towards Jack::  I'd never imagined leaving New York, let alone losing all my money.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::hesitates:: New York was easier...you can dodge bullets and knives there...but here, here the buggers can knock you flat with some crazy power before you even realise it

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::softly::  I don't know...don't know that I'm sorry I came here, though.  ::even quieter::  I'm not sorry to have found you.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::turns to look at her, a bit uncertain:: Is that what you thought i was thinkin?

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::shakes her head, putting her hand on his::  No...not really...it's just...whatever I'd imagined, this wasn't it.  ::sighs::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::after a long moment, shakes her head, leaning closer to Jack::  I'm sorry.  It's all my fault anyway.  ::exhales deeply, closing her eyes::  Good night...

Quantum Catz: JK: Nothin's your fault ::gets up to get ready for bed himself::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::with her eyes still closed::  I trusted my money with swindlers the first time around, and the shop was my power's fault as much as anything else.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::rolls his eyes:: I ain't ever had all that much money, i'm better off here than i ever was growing up

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::shakes her head; softly:: I don't enjoy darning socks and mending clothes to keep a roof over our heads, Jack.  I suppose we could've had just as bad luck on the mainland, though, so I shouldn't complain.

Quantum Catz: JK: It's my job to make sure we have enough money anyway. And i will

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::opens her eyes, looking rather frightened::  Don't go doing anything riskier than you're used to, Jack.  I'd rather spend the whole day sewing and still have *you*.  ::quickly::  I know, I know, you're not going to get killed.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs and then gets into bed:: I'll be fine

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::edges beside him, nuzzling under his arm, since as many nights as not, she doesn't even have that comfort; whispers::  Good night, Jack.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::softly, wrapping his arms around her:: G'night

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