~Wednesday, June 3, 1936~

MV: ::It seems like she's been exhausted ever since her trip out into the woods. She still can't decide if she's glad to be close to the end or more scared about caring for an infant so when the labor pains hit her that morning, she does her best to conceal them. Not ready yet to be rushing off to the doctors. Going there is enough to make her wish the baby would never come::

Julie JH:  ::heads down to the kitchen early; he's actually going to shadow the fire department today, but he looks a little worried when he sees the look on Maeve's face; quietly::  Are you all right?

Maeve MV: ::she forces her body to straighten up, and puts on a small smile. She nods:: Yeah, I'm fine.

Julie JH:  ::frowns; quietly::  If you're hurt, I'll go find Isaac.

Maeve MV: I'm not- ::she gasps, wincing and puts a hand to her stomach while the other reaches for the counter. After a moment she lets her breath out, slowly:: I'm not ready for this.

Julie JH:  ::reaches out to try to steady Maeve::  Let's take you to the doctor, okay?  You'll be fine, I know it.

Maeve MV: ::she shakes her head and tries to pull away:: No! If I have to have it I'd- ::she gasps again, groaning. She gets a hold of her breathing again; quietly:: I'd rather have it here.

Julie JH:  ::frowns::  It's safer at the doctor's, but I can see if he'll come over.

Maeve MV: No! I don't want him here either! ::she bites her lip, looking scared to death::

Julie JH:  ::hugs Maeve::  The midwife, then?

Quantum Catz EK: ::comes into the room and looks at Maeve:: You look like a trapped rabbit

Maeve MV: ::she groans and buries her face against Josh's shoulder::

Quantum Catz EK: You alright? Should i get isaac?

Julie JH:  :pats Maeve's back::  When you're ready, we'll go up to the bedroom, OK?

Quantum Catz EK: The bedroom? What happened to the doctor?

Julie JH:  ::softly::  Maeve's scared, and I don't think the doctor saw anything wrong.

Maeve MV: ::she gasps when another contraction hits, clutching at Josh's arm::

Quantum Catz EK: She's had months to get over being scared

Julie JH:  ::cringes at Maeve's grip; quietly::  You'd be scared!

Maeve MV: ::weakly:: No doctor... just Isaac...

Julie JH:  ::softly::  Can you get to the couch at least?

Maeve MV: ::she nods::

Quantum Catz EK: It can't be any more painful than some of the things i've gone through

Maeve MV: ::glares at Eli::

Julie JH:  ::glares at Eli, too; softly::  Come on, Maeve.  Either lay down, or even walk around a little; that helps sometimes.

Quantum Catz EK: ::rolls his eyes:: I'll go get Isaac

Maeve MV: ::has to bite her lip to keep from telling him not too. She's a little scared he'd bring the doctor around.::

Quantum Catz EK: ::changes into a bird and flies out of the window::

Maeve MV: ::heads for the couch, just wanting to lie down now. She's looking a little pale, and she's a little worried about her legs giving out on her::

Julie JH:  ::tries to lead Maeve over to the couch, at least; normally he'd try to get a blanket to cover the fabric, but with Toby around, that might not be necessary::

Maeve MV: ::she doesn't even think about it, just slowly guides her aching body down onto the cushions::

Julie JH:  ::quietly::  You probably still have a long time before the baby's born, so try to stay calm.

Maeve MV: ::she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out:: It's already been going on for a while! ::she gasps again, clutching her stomach this time::

Quantum Catz IS: ::it isn't long before Isaac gets back; he goes straight to Maeve:: Hey, how you feeling?

Julie JH:  ::looks seriously worried; he hasn't had much medical training at all, yet; he knows he needs to check how far along she is, but he can't stand the thought of doing *that*::

Maeve MV: ::she glances at him, frowning:: How do you think I'm feeling?

Quantum Catz IS: Eli said you didn't want to go to the doctor

Maeve MV: No! I don't! ::she bites her lip, and looks up at him, pleadingly:: Please don't make- ::she gasps, wincing as another one hits her:: Owe....

Quantum Catz IS: Maeve, i know i can heal you but...i don't know anything about giving birth,i won't know if something isn't right

Julie JH:  ::softly::  Let me get the midwife.

Maeve MV: Just no...doctor...

Quantum Catz EK: ::wanders in as a fox and watches them, wondering whether he should maybe just stay that way to avoid making any sarcastic comments::

Julie JH:  ::nods, though he doesn't make any promises; he runs out to find the midwife::

Quantum Catz IS: ::smiles weakly:: You're not one to make things easy, are you?

Maeve MV: I guess not since I got myself into this mess! ::she groans, reaching for his hand when a stronger contraction hits::

Quantum Catz IS: ::uses his powers to try and make the pain easier:: Don't suppose it helps if i say that women do this all the time?

Maeve MV: ::she shakes her head, breathing a little easier when his powers take the pain away a bit::

Julie :  ::the midwife comes in, with Josh; she instantly shoos the boy away, and glares at Eli::

Quantum CatzEK: ::glares back at the woman::

Julie :  ::the midwife quietly says::  The only men allowed here are doctors, and foxes are unhygienic.

Maeve MV: ::she whimpers, a flash of fear crossing her features. She isn't ready for this::

Quantum Catz EK: ::changes back:: They are not unhygienic

IS: I can't leave her, i can help her with the pain.

Maeve MV: ::she squeezes his hand, not wanting him to leave her::

Julie :  ::the midwife shakes her head at Eli, then looks to Isaac::   I know, but get your brother out of here.

Quantum Catz EK: ::rolls his eyes:: Like i want to stay anyway ::turns to leave:: Have fun, Maeve

Maeve MV: ::she lifts her hand, a spark of flame jumping from her finger tips as she get a real urge to torch him::

Julie JH:  ::is in the kitchen, boiling some water::

:  ::the midwife kneels next to Maeve, getting her ready for the delivery, though it's likely hours away::

Maeve MV: I'm gonna kill him if I live through this! ::she glances up at Isaac:: I know he's your brother but... ::she shakes her head and then gasps, groaning a little louder than before::

Julie :  ::the midwife nods::  Good, good...just keep breathing...

Quantum Catz IS: ::smiles weakly:: Eli's just as worried as the rest of us, he just doesn't like to show it, you know that

Maeve MV: I know but that doesn't take away the urge to hurt him, severely.

Julie :  ::the midwife warmly says::  Most women are cursing their husbands by now.

MaeveMV: But if I make him mad this will hurt worse

Quantum Catz IS: ::laughs:: I guess i'm useful for some things

Maeve MV: ::she tenses, and shifts on the couch, almost thinking about getting up; worriedly:: I can't do this! Isaac! I'm not ready for this! I can't be a mother? What do I know about doing this?! ::her breaths start coming in panicked pants ad she shakes her head::

Quantum Catz IS: You're a bit late, Maeve, but it'll be okay, i promise. We'll work it out together. Just calm down, okay?

Julie :  ::the midwife insists::  You'll be fine, Mrs. Kindall!

Maeve MV: ::she shakes her head, still scared to death::

Quantum Catz IS: ::squeezes her hand:: I promise, it's going to be okay

Julie :  ::the midwife goes off to scrub her hands clean::

Maeve MV: But you can't know... ::she holds his hand tighter::

Quantum Catz IS: I think you'll be a great mom once you get over being so scared about it. Only the good ones really worry about not being good

Julie :  ::the midwife comes in, and checks again::  You probably have four or five hours, Mrs. Kindall.

Maeve MV: ::if possible, she turns even pale:: What? Five- ::another contraction chooses to strike at that moment, and she grits her teeth; she's ready now:

Julie :  ::the midwife frowns::  You need to try *not* to push, sweetheart...your body's not ready, even if you are.

Maeve MV: Yes it is! ::she shakes her head:: I've already been at this since early morning! It can't be this long!

Julie :  ::the midwife cringes::  I...think you might want the doctor, Mrs. Kindall.

Quantum Catz IS: Why didn't you tell me that before i left earlier, Maeve?

Maeve MV: ::she whimpers, and shakes her head:: Because I didn't want to go and I don't want the doctor now either! I was hoping it wasn't labor pains!

Julie :  ::the midwife looks at Eli::  Can one of your brothers fetch the doctor, Mr. Kindall?

Quantum Catz IS: Are you sure she needs him? She really doesn't like doctors

Maeve MV: ::she clutches Isaac's hand, trying not to burst into tears::

Julie :  ::the midwife quietly says::  We can try, but if she starts pushing, we'll have to bring him.  She's not ready yet.

Maeve MV: ::quietly:: What can he do about it that you can't?

Julie :  ::the midwife gently pats Maeve's head::  Nothing for you to worry about, Mrs. Kindall.

Maeve MV: ::she groans, suddenly feeling like panicking again::

Quantum Catz IS: It's okay, you just have to listen to what the midwife says, she knows what she's doing

Maeve MV: ::she looks up at him, frowning::

Julie :  ::the midwife gently says::  Is Mr. Kindall helping you with your pain?

MV: ::she nods, but occasionally has to catch her breath and slowly let it out again when there's a particularly bad one::

Julie :  ::the midwife nods, wiping Maeve's forehead with a damp cloth::  Just hang in there, then.

Maeve MV: ::she nods but a few minutes later she tenses, and tries to push again though she fights the urge::

Julie :  ::the midwife calls::  Mrs. Kindall, you're not ready!

Maeve MV: ::she cringes, flinching back into the cushions; cries:: I know! I can't even do this right!

Quantum Catz IS: Maeve...

Julie :  ::the midwife looks rather sternly at Isaac, then back at Maeve::  Mrs. Kindall, you're doing *very* well, given it's your first time.  If you can just keep on for a few more hours, we should have your baby out, healthy and safe.

Maeve MV: ::tears are starting to form, and one makes it's escape down the side of her temple; quietly:: I can't... a few hours? ::she bites her lip, tensing as she tries not to push again::

Julie :  ::the midwife checks again; quietly::  Maybe two.

IS: It'll be over before you know it and then we'll buy you a chocolate cake to celebrate

MV: ::she nods weakly, and looks away, wishing two hours would hurry up::


:  ::Maeve struggles on for an hour or so, when the pain gets really bad, though she's still not dilated nearly enough::

Quantum Catz IS: :pushes some of her hair away from her face, wishing there was more he could do, though he's been trying to make it as painless as he can::

Maeve MV: ::she comes down off of a rough one, her hand lessening it's hold on his. She smiles weakly at him but before she can say much more a rather gruesome one tears through her stomach, catching her off guard. Even with Isaac's help it hurts almost unbearably and she loses the fight not to push. Without her conscious consent, the hand holding Isaac's gets hot, fast, and flames sprout up, licking at the poor healer's flesh::

Quantum Catz IS: ::cries out and tries to pull away from her::

Julie :  ::the midwife jumps back, stifling a small scream::  Eli!  Josh!

Maeve MV: ::she lets out a panicked scream since she's not sure what's happening. She looks up at Isaac, horror washing over her and quickly releases his hand; murmurs:: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... ::she bites her lip, but isn't successful in holding back her tears::

Quantum Catz EK: ::has been sitting on the stairs, not all that far away, runs down and into the living room when the midwife shouts::

IS: ::winces, holding his burnt hand to his chest:: It's okay

Maeve MV: ::whimpers:: No it's not... ::she covers her face with her hand, wanting to break down sobbing but another contraction hits her, and without Isaac there, she really yells this time::

:  ::the midwife looks fiercely at Eli::  Get the doctor!

JH:  ::is several steps behind Eli, but the midwife just yells at him to get back upstairs::

Quantum Catz EK: ::runs out the door without another word::

IS: ::his hand's been burned pretty badly but he shifts round and puts his other hand on her shoulder; softly:: I'll keep helping you till the doctor comes, then i might have to stop for a bit

Maeve MV: ::she flinches, but her breathing calms down a bit; softly:: It's fine. I wouldn't blame you if you stopped now.

Julie :  ::the midwife is definitely keeping her distance now::

Quantum Catz IS: ::smiles a bit:: Eli'll probably make me once he gets back, enjoy it while it lasts

Maeve MV: ::she isn't enjoying anything right now and that comment just sends her further into a fit of tears::

Quantum Catz IS: Maeve, i'm sorry - it's okay, i'll be fine

Maeve MV: ::she turns her face away, not replying::

Quantum Catz IS: I promise, it'll heal, it's not important

Julie :  ::the doctor comes in, looking rather tired; he's just had a couple hours of sleep; the midwife excuses herself to explain the situation to him, and the man is very serious, almost grim; he sits down at the desk and starts preparing the medicine:

Quantum Catz EK: ::comes back with the doctor and grabs his brother:: Come on, we need to look at you just now - she's been going for ages and nothing's happened, she'll live for ten minutes

Maeve MV: ::she nods her head and turns back to look at Isaac, starting to apologize again until she sees the doctor. She shudders, and turns away again then immediately tenses as another pain hits::

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: I'll be back soon, Maeve ::though he looks pale and he's shaking a bit as he stands::

JH:  ::was waiting outside, but he goes to join his brother::

Maeve MV: ::she shivers, and tries not to panic at Isaac's sudden departure even though she knows it's her fault::

Quantum Catz EK: ::sits his older brother down in the kitchen:: You're not looking too good, Isaac and i'm not even talking about your hand

Julie :  ::the doctor gets his ether, but pauses; whispers to the midwife::  Is Isaac all right to heal her when I'm done?

Julie :  ::the midwife frowns; quietly:: I wouldn't bet on it.

JH:  ::frowns, looking at Isaac closely; he cringes at his brother's burn::

Quantum Catz EK: ::looks at Josh:: We should clean it, right? Wet cloth?

JH:  A wet cloth for sure.  ::looks closely at the wound to see how deep it is::

Maeve MV: ::she bites her lip, and pushes herself farther into the cushions. She turns her face away as well, wanting to live in denial about the doctor and the mid-wife's existence::

EK: ::goes to get a cloth and dampen it::

Maeve DY: ::she comes in to the kitchen, frowning:: What's going on?

:  ::the midwife goes to comfort Maeve, though she stays out of reach::  We'll get that baby out of you soon, sweetheart.

Maeve MV: ::she looks up, notices the doctor still there and pales:: What about Isaac? Shouldn't he be helping Isaac?

Quantum Catz IS: ::is pale and his skin is clammy; his skin's all blistered and red and he's trying not to move the hand::

Maeve DY: ::her eyes widen and she moves closer to her elder brother:: What happened? Did you finally get Maeve mad enough to burn you? ::she reaches for his shoulder, kind of afraid he's about to fall over::

Julie JH:  ::takes Isaac's hand, wrapping it in Eli's cloth, and forcing his brother to sit; softly::  Someone get the doctor, please.

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: I'm fine, Maeve needs the doctor

Julie JH:  ::quietly::  It's your hand.  If it doesn't get treated, you might not be able to use it to heal anyone.  ::looks up at Dolly; softly::  Please see if the doctor can spare a little time...he's helping Maeve.

Maeve DY: ::she nods and heads towards the front door, belatedly realizing what Josh said. She turns around to ask just when another painful groan splits the air. She nods:: Oh, okay. ::she turns back around and heads into the living room::

MV: ::whimpers:: Soon? as in not in five hours? ::she grits her teeth, trying not to scream again::

Julie :  ::the doctor meets Dolly in the doorway, frowning::  How's your brother?

:  ::the midwife cringes::  Soon.

Maeve DY: ::she looks a little pale now herself; quietly:: Um, Josh seems to think he needs your attention. The burn looks pretty bad.

Julie :  ::the doctor quickly goes to Isaac, and asks Eli to get him a whole bowl of cool water; he shoos Josh away and has Isaac elevate the burn::

JH:  ::frowns, then slips outside::

Maeve DY: ::she goes back into the kitchen to sit with her older brother. She looks up at the doctor:: Will he be okay?

Quantum Catz EK: ::gets the water, frowning at his older brother, looking worried::

Julie :  ::the doctor nods::  I'm sure he will.  Isaac?  How are you feeling?

Quantum Catz IS: I need to...get back to Maeve ::though he looks like he's about to faint::

Maeve DY: ::she puts a hand on his shoulder; quietly:: You won't do her any good if you get up and faint. Just let the doctor take care of you.

Julie :  ::the doctor holds Isaac down::  You need to get yourself better.  We're going to need you.  ::examines Isaac's hand::  There's a lot of dead skin here.

Quantum Catz IS: Need me? Why? What's wrong?

Julie :  ::the doctor quietly says::  She's not dilating properly.  I dont' think she can deliver naturally.

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks worried, but he remains pale and his heart's racing::

:  ::the doctor frowns; quietly::  Isaac, I think you need to lay down.

JH:  ::suddenly comes in the front door, wearing a fireman's jacket and gloves, just a tiny bit too big for him; before Maeve can complain, he goes over and kneels next to her, taking her hand::

IS: ::looks about to say no but suddenly his eyes close and he begins to fall::

Julie :  ::the doctor reaches for Isaac to steady him; sharply, to Eli::  Help me with him!

Maeve MV: ::she jumps, not realizing whose next to her at first since she's just a bit distracted by the get-up; weakly:: Josh? What are you-? ::she looks almost saddened though, and touched but it's kind of upsetting that they need a fire suite just to be around her::

DY: ::she's still standing right there and she goes rather pale when her brother starts to fall. She tries to grab his arm to help him:: What's wrong? I thought he was going to be okay!

Julie JH:  ::smiles; softly, and a bit apologetically::  Isaac will be OK, but now you don't have to worry about burning anyone.  Maybe it'll help you along a little.

Quantum Catz EK: ::is already moving forward and helps hold his brother up:: He was probably in shock

Julie :  ::the doctor nods::  The burns didn't look that awful, but...::shakes his head::  Anyway, elevate his hand and his feet.  ::sets Isaac down and goes for one of the chairs::

Quantum Catz EK: ::does as the doctor says::

Julie :  ::the midwife frowns, but quietly says::  If you can keep her from pushing for another half hour or so, she might manage it.

Maeve MV: ::softly:: Where's Isaac?

Julie JH:  ::gently::  In the kitchen.

Maeve MV: ::she grips his hand tightly, cringing::

DY: ::she hovers over Isaac, even shoving a bundled up towel under his head; softly:: Isaac? Can you hear me?

Quantum Catz IS: ::is unconscious::

Maeve DY: ::she bites her lip, looking worried::

Julie:  ::the doctor doesn't have much else to do for the man, aside from tending to his wound::

JH:  ::softly::  He'll be all right, Maeve.  I've *seen* fellas who had a lot worse burns than him, and they came through fine.  And it's not your fault.

Quantum Catz EK: He'll be okay, Dolly. There's nothing wrong with him other than the burn. It probably just caught him off guard

Maeve MV: ::she manages a smirks, even opens her mouth to say she's *done* worse, forget about just seeing it, but another pain grips her.::

DY: But if he stays like this, and Maeve needs him, then what is he going to do?

Quantum Catz EK: ::Sighs:: We'll just have to hope he wakes up before then

Julie :  ::after a while, the midwife leans in-between Josh and Maeve's stomach, whispering::  Your mother would really like you to come out, little one.  You can't stay in there forever.

Maeve MV: ::she eyes the woman like she's gone mad. She swallows hard, looking a little scared:: It can't really stay in there forever can it?

Julie :  ::the midwife smiles tiredly::  No, of course not.  ::checks again, looking a bit happier::  Not sure that the little thing listened, but you might get through without the doctor after all, if you keep this up.

JH:  ::smiles, squeezing Maeve's hand lightly::

Maeve MV: ::she takes a deep breath, and lets out slowly, a little bit happier about not needing that doctor::

Julie :  ::after another few contractions pass, the midwife nods to herself; quietly::  I think you can push next time, Mrs. Kindall, if you think you're ready.

MV: ::weakly:: Where's Isaac? ::her grip tightens on Josh, afraid he'll leave her next::

Julie JH:  ::softly::  I'm sure he's OK...you're doing great, Maeve.  ::he does sound a little worried, though::

Maeve MV: ::she looks up at Josh; panicked:: What? What aren't you telling me? Don't tell me I killed him? ::she moves a bit, tempted to get up::

Julie JH:  ::tries to hold Maeve down, and he's fairly strong now, so he might be able to::  You burned his hand, and he looked a little sick.  But he wasn't even bleeding; no way would he let that take him out.  I'm sure the doctor's taking care of him, and he'd want *you* to focus on having the baby.

Maeve MV: ::she groans, and nods her head:: Okay, fine. I'm focused... ::but her attention wonders towards the direction of the kitchen::

Julie :  ::the doctor's still with Isaac, though he's not doing much except for monitoring his vital signs; he's glad enough to have an excuse to be away from the woman with the flaming hands, though::

Quantum Catz IS: ::his heart rate seems to have calmed down and his skin isn't as clammy as before::

Julie :  ::the midwife frowns::  You take care of bringing this life into the world, Mrs. Kindall!

Maeve MV: ::her attention snaps back to the mid-wife and she pales a little more. She nods hesitantly:: Okay....

Julie JH:  ::softly::  You can do it, Maeve.

Maeve MV: ::she trembles, but when the time comes, she's ready. Though, Josh is likely thankful he got the fire get-up because her hands heat up again when the pain gets to be too much::

Julie :  ::the midwife and Josh both encourage her as well as they can, but the baby doesn't come out the first time Maeve pushes::

Maeve MV: ::she collapses against the couch, frowning:: What's wrong...now?  ::she fights to catch her breath::

Julie JH:  ::squeezes Maeve's hand again::

:  ::the midwife replies::  Nothing; you're doing great.  It just takes a while for the baby to come out.  And we've already established, she or he would just as soon stay in there for life.

Maeve MV: Figures..it'd be...stubborn... ::she grits her teeth, and tries again, hoping it'll end soon. She tries not to burn Josh but she doesn't have much control over her powers right now. She is growing weaker, so if the flames should touch him anywhere that's not covered, he shouldn't be too badly hurt:

JulieJH:  ::is getting hot in his gear, but hasn't once complained::

:  ::the midwife says::  Push with the contractions, Mrs. Kindall.  This time you'll make it!  ::tries to deliver the poor baby::

Quantum Catz IS: ::groans weakly, though his eyes don't open::

Maeve MV: ::she does as she's told, just hoping the thing will finally give up and just come into this world already::

Julie :  ::the doctor looks up, lightly shaking Isaac::  You all right?

Quantum Catz IS: ::still sounding a bit out of it:: My arm...

Julie :  ::when the contraction's over, the midwife announces::  Well, next time for sure!

Maeve DY: ::she bites her lip, and looks up at the doctor::

Julie :  ::the doctor cringes::  We'll treat it, and it should heal all right.  Make sure you flex it a lot.  I've cleaned and bandaged it.

Maeve MV: ::she groans in frustration and barely manages to catch her breath before the next one hits. She doesn't feel like she'll make it but she's too determined to give in now::

Julie JH:  Come on; show that baby who's boss!

:  ::the midwife continues to encourage Maeve, her voice getting more excited as Maeve pushes, and the woman feels the baby being delivered, though it doesn't cry::

MaeveMV: :nce it's done, she collapses against the couch, too tired to realize that the baby isn't crying much less reach out to hold it::

Julie JH:  ::looks rather worried::

Julie :  ::the midwife unceremoniously grabs the baby's ankles and holds it upside down, slapping it a couple times, and its cry suddenly rings out through the entire house::

:  ::the doctor can't help a smile::

Maeve MV: ::her eyes flutter open a bit and she barely manages to look over at the nurse; softly:: Five hours yet?

Quantum Catz IS: :pens his eyes, blinking when he hears the baby:: Maeve...

Julie :  ::the midwife grins tiredly, glancing at the clock::  Four and a half on the dot; not too bad, for your first one.

:  ::takes the baby over to the kitchen to clean it up, ignoring the others, and not feeling any particular goodwill towards the doctor, really::

JH:  ::grins at Maeve; softly::  You really did it.

Maeve MV: ::smiles tiredly and seems to fade a bit more. She barely nods her head:: Isaac...?

Quantum Catz IS: ::tries to get up when the midwife comes in but his hand twinges and his head spins:: Is Maeve okay?

Maeve DY: ::reaches for her brother; gently:: I'm sure she's fine Isaac, take it easy....

Julie JH:  ::squeezes Maeve's shoulder::  You still have...*something* else to do, I think...don't go to sleep yet...

:  ::the midwife looks down at Isaac::  Just fine; you have a healthy girl.

Maeve MV: ::her eyes flutter open for a moment; panicked:: What? Don't...tell me there's... another one?

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks relieved but he still tries to stand up, avoiding moving his injured hand; his head still spins but he tries to ignore it::

Julie JH:  ::cringes::  I forgot the word, but there's something else to deliver after a baby.  I'm sure it's not twins though.  The midwife would know better.

Maeve DY: ::worriedly:: Isaac! ::she moves with him, trying to at least get him to lean on her for support::

Julie :  ::the doctor frowns::  Isaac...

Quantum Catz EK: ::moves forward to help his brother:: She said they're fine, don't go hurting yourself even more

Julie :  ::as soon as the baby's fairly clean, the midwife brings the sobbing bundle back to her mother, whispering::  It's a beautiful girl.

Quantum Catz IS: ::ignores the warnings and goes through to the living room, though he lets Eli and Dolly help him::

Maeve MV: ::she can't help but look terrified when she sees the wiggling, sobbing, bundle. She swallows hard and reaches out to take it, though her arms don't look strong enough right now to support it:

Julie :  ::the girl is fairly homely, really, her head somewhat misshapen by the process of being born, but she calms down almost instantly when she's in Maeve's arms; Josh helps her hold it if she needs it::

Quantum Catz IS: Maeve?

Maeve MV: ::she looks rather surprised, and even manages to keep the baby in her arms. She looks rather awed now to be looking at her daughter. She glances up when Isaac speaks, seeming to look a little terrified again; softly:: Are you all right?

Quantum Catz IS: ::nods:: Guess the burn was a bit of a shock but i'll be okay, just feeling a bit dizzy. How're you? ::moves to sit next to her::

Maeve MV: Exhausted. ::she at least isn't about to fall asleep anymore. She glances down at the baby, still awed, and then up at Isaac again. She bites her lip; murmurs:: I'm sorry... I didn't know that was going to happen....

Julie JH:  ::smiles tiredly and then peels himself out of his sweaty jacket and gloves::

:  ::the midwife leans down and softly says::  You'll have another little pain, to pass what's left over from the baby.  Probably soon....you might need to hand off the baby.

Maeve MV: ::she looks at the mid-wife, teary-eyed, and then back at Isaac again. She offers him the baby; softly:: I guess it's your turn...

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks rather scared for a moment himself as he takes the baby::

Julie JH:  ::softly::  You know how to take care of babies, Isaac.  ::smiling::

Maeve MV: ::smirks:: He's probably afraid it will light him on fire next. ::she sighs, and leans back fully into the cushions, yawning::

Quantum Catz IS: ::jokes weakly:: I think i'll manage as long as she doesn't try to grab for the part that's already been on fire

Julie :  ::the baby fusses slightly, being away from Maeve, but she quickly settles down, closing her eyes::

Maeve MV: ::she cringes, and looks away, fiddling with her ruined dress:: I'm sorry Isaac

Quantum Catz IS: ::shakes his head:: I'll live. You've warned me often enough about being burned when you're not thinking clearly, i guess it was bound to happen one day

Maeve MV: ::she closes her eyes, looking tired again.:: I just.... scared... ::she shakes her head and then gasps as pain suddenly hits her::

Julie :  ::the midwife doesn't dare take Maeve's hand, but she does say::  Push now...it won't be hard at all.

Maeve MV: ::she bites her lip, and tries, though she feels too weak to do anything::

Julie :  ::it doesn't take much, and the midwife takes care of the afterbirth and everything else that needs to be done with Maeve, ignoring the men in the room::

Quantum CatzEK: ::smirks at Josh:: Hey, we're uncles now - we've got a baby all of our own to corrupt

Julie JH:  ::grins widely, this honestly being the first time he's thought of himself as an uncle::  Well, *I'll* try to teach her to be good.

Maeve MV: ::she opens one eye to glare at them; mutters:: She's already stubborn, she doesn't need your help.

Quantum Catz EK: ::smirks:: I think she needs all the help she can get with you as her mom

Julie:  ::the little baby's eyes open, and it starts softly fussing::

Maeve MV: ::she looks, swallowing hard; tiredly:: Yeah, I guess you can be right about that.

Quantum Catz IS: ::smiles at Maeve:: He's only kidding. D'you want to hold her again?

Maeve MV: ::she looks nervous again, and hesitates, but she knows she can't deny the little thing. She nods, and reaches for her again even though her arms shake::

Julie :  ::the baby only fusses a moment as Maeve holds her a little awkwardly, before she settles in, completely content::

Quantum Catz EK: So what you going to call her

Maeve MV: ::she smiles down at the infant, looking slightly relieved that the baby doesn't seem to hate her. She glances up at Isaac.:: We had a few names picked out but I don't think we ever decided?

Quantum Catz IS: ::shakes his head, using his injured arm having made him feel a bit faint again::

Maeve MV: ::she stares down at the bundle for a while, thinking. After a moment she looks back up; quietly:: What about Olivia?

Quantum Catz IS: ::smiles:: It's a nice name.

Maeve MV: :smiles and shrugs:: I like it if you do.

Quantum Catz IS: ::chuckles:: It was your suggestion, but i think it suits her

Maeve MV: ::just smiles::

Julie :  ::the baby is contentedly sleeping::

Quantum Catz EK: ::smirks:: Oli then?  Born to be a tomboy - she'll love her uncle Eli

Julie JH:  ::laughs softly::

Maeve MV: ::smirks:: If you're going to nickname her I think Vi would be a better choice than that.

Julie JH:  ::smirks::  Or Livvy; she might be closest to Mrs. Richards.

Quantum Catz IS: ::chuckles:: If she's anything like her mom, she'll be sure to let us know which she prefers when she's old enough

Maeve MV: ::laughs quietly:: Yeah.

Julie :  ::the baby is still resting; between her misshapen head and her red skin, and of course her peaceful expression, she doesn't look all that much like either of her parents::

Maeve MV: ::she yawns, and weakly pushes back a strand of sweat soaked hair from her face.::

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