~Thursday, February 18, 1937~

2:40:43 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::Maeve finds herself lying on her back, on something very lumpy.  Her nose and chest are pressed against rough wood, and a smell of chemicals and something rotten permeates the small space::

2:44:09 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she gasps and tries to move her hands, needing to push whatever is on her off.:: 

2:44:57 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::there's just wood planks on top of Maeve, and there's not room to get much of a purchase to push::

2:46:40 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she gasps in dismay and continues to press against the wood. She tries to add a few kicks but only ends up yelping as splinters dig into her knees.:: Isaac! ::she stops moving then carefully feels underneath her, almost afraid to know what it is::

2:47:37 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::she feels cloth and if she squeezes, she'll find whatever's beneath her definitely feels squishy with a solid core, like an arm::

2:51:11 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she lets out a horrified yelp and tries to wiggle away. Her efforts to open the lid double:: Hey! I'm alive in here! Open up!  

3:03:14 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::it's a bit later when he sits down at his desk--he can't help but think of Maeve, even though it's her own fault that she's dead.  He suddenly inhales, sensing something::

3:05:57 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she's growing tired but he can sense she's terrified and fighting to get out of wherever she is:: 

3:06:21 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::gets up and runs towards the graveyard at full speed::

3:11:51 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she's trying to use her powers to loosen the lid but all she's getting is smoke. She's done her best to scoot to one side of the body but she's fearful of being sick at any moment.:: 

3:12:34 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::hears the door slam and goes to open it again:: Guy?

3:12:55 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::Guy is already running towards the graveyard::

3:13:44 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::hesitates and then goes after him::

3:14:08 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::reaches the graveyard, and asks for a shovel::

3:15:07 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the caretaker gives him an odd look:: Son, you know that grave digging is against the law don't you? I'd have to go get the guards...

3:15:30 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  There's someone alive here!

3:16:58 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::a grayed eyebrow arches up:: Well son I'd hope so! I may be old but I'm not ready to kick the bucket just yet!

3:17:21 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::catches up with him:: Guy, what's wrong?

3:17:36 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::looks back at Kizzie, gasping::  She's...she's in the ground!

3:18:29 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: What? Who is?

3:18:39 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  Maeve!

3:20:07 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: She's...I don't understand - how could she be?

3:20:31 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  I don't know!  Can you help me?

3:21:23 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the caretaker frowns:: Now what's all this? 

3:21:59 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::hesitates and then says:: Tell me where - i can't just uproot the whole graveyard

3:22:16 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::ignores the caretaker; nods, taking her hand::  I'll lead you to her.

3:23:18 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::follows him::

3:23:56 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::stops in front of a patch of ground that was very recently turned up; there's not even a stone there yet::

3:24:50 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::closes her eyes and Maeve probably feels her coffin being shaken::

3:25:09 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the caretaker watches them for a moment before he ambles away to get some guards::

3:25:49 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she groans slightly and her hand moves restlessly against the lid:: 

3:28:35 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::it takes her a while to raise the coffin from the ground, but soon enough a tree root breaks the loosened earth and Guy can see the coffin::

3:29:32 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::yells::  Maeve, we're here!

3:30:25 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::a part of her hears a voice but she's too tired to answer it::

3:31:17 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::the roots pull away, leaving the coffin sitting there::

3:31:28 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::tries to open the coffin with his bare hands::

3:32:12 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: ::it's been nailed shut::

3:33:02 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  Maeve; hang on!  ::looks back at Kizzie::  We need a hammer.

3:33:55 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she frowns, the voice seems to be getting father away:: 

3:35:38 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::looks around:: The caretaker's gone...i should be able to do it ::smaller roots grow up towards the coffin, breaking in through the wood near the lid::

3:35:49 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::looks in::

3:36:37 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she's pale and breathing shallow. He can see the burnt marks where she tried to get out. Worst yet, the body is still mostly underneath her::

3:37:02 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::softly::  Maeve...it's all right.

3:38:10 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she frowns but doesn't have the energy to even lift her head. Her fingertips are covered in splinters as well, bleeding slightly::

3:38:36 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::tries to lift her out::

3:40:10 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she makes a small sighing noise but remains asleep:: 

3:46:08 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::comes to the graveyard, not looking forward to dragging Guy out::

3:47:28 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :another guard is following Harry:: 

3:49:57 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: We need to get her to Isaac - who knows how long she's been down there

3:50:15 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::his jaw drops::  Maeve?

3:53:54 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the other guard moves forward:: Is she alive? 

3:56:17 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::nods::

3:56:26 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::kneels beside her to check; whispers::  Maeve?

3:56:51 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he smirks and shakes his head:: Then we're taking her in. ::he pulls out his cuffs:: Mrs. Richards is going to be sorry that her attempt failed. 

3:57:16 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: What are you talking about? She was buried alive - we need to take her to Isaac!

3:57:16 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ;:her pulse is week though she shifts a little at Harry's touch::

3:57:38 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :He can come once we have her secure but we can't take any chances with someone so dangerous.

3:57:55 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::frowns::  Look at her.  She's not hurting anyone.

3:58:20 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::reaches for Maeve's hand:: But she will if her husband gets to her::

3:59:56 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  I'm not restraining a half-dead woman!

4:00:08 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: She could die if he doesn't help her

4:00:35 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :Then I will. ::he slaps the cuff on her other wrist:: She'll be dead soon or later. Why put her through another hanging?

4:01:18 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::narrows his eyes::  She won't hang.

4:01:56 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he snorts:: She's only got the gallows to go back to. Just because she escaped once doesn't mean she will again. ::he tries to take her from Guy::

4:02:29 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::releases Maeve; quietly::  You know it's wrong.

4:02:50 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she frowns at all the movement:: 

4:03:04 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :What I know doesn't matter. She's a wanted criminal. 

4:04:17 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: She's still a human being

4:04:19 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::squeezes Maeve's arm::  We'll figure something out.

4:05:47 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::Muttering as he walks away:: Not by much:

4:06:46 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::the grass and plants around the man's feet twitches as he says it::

4:07:51 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he casts a dark look over his shoulder but then continues on::

4:08:06 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::puts his arm around Kizzie for a moment, before swallowing::  We must see to the dead man.  Or I must, at least.

4:08:43 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he pauses, turning back:: She's killed someone else?

4:10:04 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::winces::

4:10:25 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::stoops, shaking his head::  No.  It's Mr. Wright.  Heart attack, two days ago.  Remember?

4:10:51 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :You dug up someone-elses grave? 

4:11:35 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: GU:  ::glaring::  That's where she was!

4:11:51 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::glances at his superior, then goes to fetch Isaac::

4:12:22 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he glares back at Guy then turns to Harry:: Mr. Chalmers! I will trust you to see to our two grave diggers?

4:13:09 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::looks back; in a low voice::  They've done nothing wrong.  Almost any jury in town would see that.

4:13:46 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :Surely but we can't let citizens tend to a turned up grave. 

4:14:20 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::rolls her eyes and the roots start wrapping around the coffin again::

4:14:38 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  Look; they're fixing it.

4:14:58 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the man scowls:: See that they do Chalmers. ::he walks away::

4:15:35 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::sighs; quietly::  Both of you--thank you.  I'm sorry about *him*.

4:18:12 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: ::watches as the coffin's pulled under the ground again:: It must have been terrible to wake up there

4:18:32 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::nods::  Better than not waking up at all.

4:20:38 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: KZ: It won't last for long if that guard has his way

4:21:48 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::shakes his head::  I'll use up what clout I have if I have to.  ::pauses, thinking of his wife::  If I can.

4:28:07 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::doesn't even bother looking up when the door to the jail opens; she's given up hope that it will be someone with good news::

4:28:13 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the guard brings Maeve into the jail, smirking:: Well Mrs. Richards you finally have a visitor as long as you promise not to sweep her away again. 

4:28:25 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::looks up, her eyes wide; chokes::  Maeve?

4:28:59 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she doesn't answer::

4:29:59 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he motions for another guard to come over and unlock another cell:: Bring some more handcuffs with you. I'll see if I can't prevent Mrs. Richards from whisking her away again. ::he smirks, not believing it'll help but he'll try::

4:30:36 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::winces::  But...

4:33:31 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he ignores Libby as he takes Maeve in and lays her down on the cot. He takes the cuffs, locking one half to the ones already on her wrists and the other half to the bars:: Maybe that'll hold her. ;:he looks at the other man:: Get the mayor. He'll likely want the gallows put back up.

4:35:12 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  Please, no!  She has a family!

4:35:47 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :So did the man she killed little lady. ::he leaves the cell, locking it up.::

4:35:54 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: ::the other man exits quickly to fetch the mayor::

4:37:40 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  :::sits down and starts to cry::

4:44:19 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::knocks on the door of Isaac's house::

4:46:41 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::opens the door; he looks tired, pale and his eyes are red; sighs when he sees Harry:: I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone just now

4:47:04 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::in a low voice::  They've found Maeve.  Breathing.

4:47:59 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::not sure he heard right:: What?

4:48:22 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  They've hauled her to jail.  She's alive.

4:48:43 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: She...is she  okay?

4:48:52 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::yells from upstairs:: Isaac!

4:49:00 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  She can use your help--::cuts himself off::

4:49:58 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: You're idiots.  You're all idiots.  ::turns to run up the stairs to Livvy::

4:50:29 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::frowns; mutters::  Last time I come with good news.

4:50:47 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::Livvy is pale and cool, breathing, but just barely::

4:51:01 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she shouts for him again. She's standing over Livvy but is afraid to move:: Something's wrong!

4:52:51 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::picks up Livvy, using his powers to make her feel better:: 

4:53:17 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LV:  ::gets warmer and a bit more lively::

4:54:11 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: I need to get to the jail.  They found Maeve, they took her there

4:55:25 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::her eyes widen. She doesn't know what to say to that; after a pause:: Are...are you taking Livvy?

4:56:18 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: She should stay with me - there's no guarantee they'll just let me help Maeve

4:56:30 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she winces::

4:57:29 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: HR:  ::has already left::

4:58:16 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::hesitates:: I...i can't believe this...i was so sure... ::sighs::

4:58:50 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::gently:: It might not last Isaac... ::she cringes and looks away::

4:59:20 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::winces as well:: I need to go.  I need to try

4:59:40 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she nods:: I know. Good...luck.... 

5:01:11 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::weakly:: Thanks

5:01:23 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::hesitates:: Do you want me to come with you?

5:03:03 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Maybe you could watch Livvy while i try to talk to the guards

5:03:19 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she nods:: OK. 

5:05:51 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::smiles weakly at Dolly and turns to go::

5:07:17 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she quietly follows behind him::

5:07:44 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she remains asleep, oblivious to Libby's cries or the opening and closing of the doors::

5:07:58 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::watches Livvy worriedly as they head to the jail::

5:08:21 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LV:  ::is still a bit out of it, though she's awake and warm to the touch::

5:10:03 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: It's okay, honey

5:14:58 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::reaches the building and walks in:: I need to see Maeve

5:15:32 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the guard looks up, smirking, then points towards the cell:: Look all you want. ::he doesn't get up::

5:17:16 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: You're killing our baby - is that what you want? Then maybe someone can lock you up where you belong

5:18:04 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he looks up briefly;: Bring it up with the mayor but I'm not waking her until I know what to do with her. Surely the baby will be fine until he gets here.

5:18:19 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::stops crying when she hears Isaac yelling; wipes her eyes::

5:19:29 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::softly:: Do you want me to take her Isaac?

5:21:14 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::hesitates and then, checking Livvy's still ok, passes her over to Dolly:: She can't keep Maeve alive indefinitely 

5:21:57 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :She wont need to. We'll have the gallows back up and the kids brought back soon enough.

5:22:31 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::shudders::

5:23:35 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Well if you're going to play executioner later, then what's the problem with letting me help Maeve now?

5:24:32 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he smirks:: Why waste the energy? Besides, she's quieter like that. And less dangerous. But as I said you're welcome to wait for the mayor.

5:25:58 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: I already told you - you're putting our daughter's life in danger to feed your ego

5:27:26 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::looks up coldly:: Mr. Kindal in a moment I'm going to ask you to leave. ::he motions to the kid:: I see nothing wrong with her.

5:28:16 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the door opens, and a tall blond man, well-dressed, with a cold face, strolls in::  Mr. Kindall?

5:28:35 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the guard stands up::

5:29:04 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::turns:: You need to let me in to heal Maeve

5:29:54 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor's eyebrows raise::  Is that really what you want?  To heal her so you can say goodbye to her a second time?

5:30:47 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: My daughter's trying to keep her alive - she can't do it on her own.  She nearly died when Leyla was ill

5:32:14 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK; ::she's gently rocking the baby, cooing softly to her niece::

5:32:57 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: ((His service without compensation I suppose ;) Or maybe minimal compensation))

5:33:05 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::frowns::  That's a pity.

5:35:36 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::repeats, disbelieving::  A pity?

5:37:31 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :Sir? Should I give the word that the gallows should be rebuilt?  

5:37:59 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor nods::  Yes, and get those children back as quickly as possible.  There is no sense in letting Mr. Kindall's little one die, if it can be helped.

5:38:21 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the guard nods and goes off to do so ::

5:39:00 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Do you even care at all what you're doing to my family?

5:39:56 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she makes a small noise and shifts, though even if she had the strength there's nowhere for her to go:: 

5:40:28 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::turns to look towards Maeve, blinking back tears again::

5:40:38 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor shakes his head::  The sentence has been pronounced, Mr. Kindall.  All that awaits is the execution.

5:42:57 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: And there's nothing anyone cares to do about it, right?

5:43:56 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  I have to admit, you haven't been terribly helpful, Mr. Kindall.  ::offers a cold smile::  Although if you're interested, I might be willing to bargain a bit.

5:44:43 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: *I* haven't been helpful? You want my wife dead

5:48:16 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  That's not true, Mr. Kindall.  It's the men in Hollowsbourgh who have that desire.

5:49:11 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: If that's the case then how can you bargain over it?

5:49:51 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::quietly::  I have a few bullets in my gun, Mr. Kindall, but I won't use them for anything but a steep price.

5:50:41 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Such as?

5:51:24 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  Your services, for a start.

5:53:03 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: The town already has my services

5:53:44 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  Times are tight, Mr. Kindall.

5:58:20 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: My services for nothing then

6:01:01 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::nods::  And there's still the matter of your wife--I know Hollowbourgh wouldn't take kindly to me just letting her free.

6:02:07 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK; ::she's pale, and looking worriedly at her brother::

6:03:30 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::wearily:: What's your suggestion? ::though the way he says it, it's clear he understands that it's more of a demand than a suggestion::

6:04:43 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  We'll need to take her powers away.  I can convince their mayor we've dealt with the situation.

6:06:51 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: And Libby?

6:07:34 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::quietly::  She's the one who helped Maeve escape, isn't she?

6:08:26 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK; ::softly:: In light of Maeve's condition I wouldn't call it helping her escape. 

6:12:10 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  She's alive, isn't she?

6:12:52 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: Barely. Besides, if you're letting Maeve off then you have no reason to hold Libby. 

6:14:49 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::considers::  We'd at least have to remove her powers, too.

6:16:58 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she shakes her head and begins to rock Livvy again::

6:17:21 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: She didn't do it on purpose.  What makes you think you have the right to remove someone's power because you feel like it?

6:18:06 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::wraps her hands around herself::

6:18:17 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the guard comes back in, looking smug;: The men are getting to work sir and the children have been sent for.

6:18:28 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  The fact that she didn't do it on purpose is perhaps what's most troubling, Mr. Kindall.  Who knows who will disappear next?  ::nods to his man::  Thank you.

6:19:21 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::looks over at Libby, silently asking her opinion::

6:20:01 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ;::she moves against the restraints again but still doesn't wake::

6:20:19 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::her shoulders have slumped, but she shakes her head once::

6:23:15 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::sighs:: So, i give you my indentured servitude and i get my wife back?

6:23:39 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::nods::  And your backing in the next election.

6:24:35 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the guard turns around, wide eyed:: You're letting her go, Sir? Is that wise?

6:24:58 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor narrows his eyes::  I'll thank you not to talk back to me, Charles.

6:25:50 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he lowers his gaze:: I'm sorry sir, it's just that... well she is dangerous... 

6:27:23 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor smirks::  Thank you for informing me of that, Charles.  ::turns back to Isaac::  Do we have a deal?

6:27:47 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he pales a bit and sits down::

6:28:21 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::hesitates and then winces:: I can't promise her powers away without talking to her

6:29:12 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the guard gets even paler:: 

6:29:18 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::frowns::  You do know the alternative, Mr. Kindall?

6:29:57 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::wearily:; I also know my wife, i can't take something like that away from her without her say

6:31:06 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor nods, then looks at Charles, with a smirk::  When is the child due?

6:31:56 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : :Should be here shortly sir. 

6:32:10 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Can't you just let me talk to her first?

6:32:32 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  She doesn't seem to be particularly conscious, Mr. Kindall.

6:33:53 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: We both know that wouldn't be a problem if you'd let me heal her

6:37:49 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor frowns::  I'm afraid if you healed her, she might escape.  Or perhaps Mrs. Richards would help her escape again.

6:44:59 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::Runs a hand through his hair:: Then i don't really have a choice, do i?

6:45:29 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor nods, holding out his hand::  So it's settled?

6:46:24 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Maeve goes free, right?

6:46:38 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  Once her powers are gone, yes.

6:47:26 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he stands up:: Sir? What about the stabbing? Surely... ::he looks lost::

6:48:36 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor smirks::  I'll be spending my bullet on that, Charles.  And I'll be sharpening my axe.

6:48:54 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he pales:: What does that mean sir?

6:54:31 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor can't help but chuckle; holds out his hand to Isaac::  So?

6:55:42 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::hesitates, but right now his major concern is getting his wife back alive; holds out his hand:: I guess we have a deal

6:56:07 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::smiles::  Very good.  Charles, rescind the order for the gallows, and bring the child here when she arrives.

6:56:09 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she cringes, looking ill::

6:56:27 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::weakly:: Yes sir. ::he goes out::

6:59:42 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::it's hard to tell how long it is before the girl comes in, trailed by the mayor and two guards, as though she were truly dangerous::

7:02:42 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she seems paler by the time the girl gets there. in the back of her mind she knows something is wrong but she can't get her body to do anything about it:: 

7:03:45 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::has refused to leave, wanting to be near both Maeve and Livvy in case anything happens::

7:03:52 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the girl winces; softly::  I don't want to.

7:04:32 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::quietly:: I don't blame you but we'll be here to protect you and she isn't waking until you're safely out of the cell.

7:06:01 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor nods::  Go on, little one.

7:06:15 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the girl frowns deeply, looking up at Isaac::

7:06:58 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::wearily:: You're the better option for Maeve, unfortunately

7:07:29 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the girl still shies back as the cell door is unlocked::

7:09:27 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::the head guard stays back wanting nothing to do with this:: 

7:10:02 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the girl looks back at Isaac for a moment before touching Maeve, removing her powers::

7:10:25 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she moans softly, shifting ;::

7:10:45 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the girl steps back as soon as she's done::

7:10:54 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Can I heal her now?

7:11:07 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor steps aside::  Be my guest.

7:14:17 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::moves quickly forward, kneeling by Maeve, and healing her::

7:15:58 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she frowns, sensing that something still isn't right. Her eyes open after a moment, she's tired, still weak, and Isaac can see that the spark in her eyes is missing now.:: Isaac....

7:16:53 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::runs his hand through her hair; softly:: I'm sorry

7:18:44 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the girl turns away, trying not to cry::

7:18:48 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she moves her hands, wincing. They're still cuffed to the bars; weakly:: You're...not... don't let them bury me again Isaac... please? 

7:21:15 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: I won't - i promise

7:23:10 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::with that settled, she stills. Though, she's still frowning. Something is missing, she can feel it. She just doesn't know what.:: Is...is Livvy ok?

7:24:46 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: She's...she's fine ::turns to look at the others:: Can someone uncuff her, please?

7:25:04 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: : ::he looks away, hoping it wont be him::

7:25:55 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the other guard hesitates too, but a withering look from the mayor spurs him to action::

7:26:17 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::has come closer to her bars to watch the scene::

7:26:50 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ;:she opens her eyes again, worriedly; softly:: They're releasing me?

7:27:56 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::not really looking her in the eye, though he's still stroking her hair:: Yeah

7:30:10 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she watches him; panicked:: Something feels different Isaac. What have they done? ::she finally notices the little girl that's crying and her eyes widen. She struggles, though her hands barely rattle the cuffs:: No! You didn't....  

7:30:29 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the guard steps back::

7:30:52 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor's expression doesn't change::  Would you prefer the gallows, Mrs. Kindall?

7:31:04 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: They didn't give me much of a choice

7:31:56 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she looks up, shell shocked. Then she notices how much colder everything seems and she pales more:: Well you might as well have hung me up! ::tears begin to form:: 

7:32:19 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::the mayor smirks::  It's not too late.

7:32:47 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: No!  I'm not losing you again!

7:34:08 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she shivers:: And what now? Do you think we're going to live peacefully ever after Isaac? I really am helpless now! 

7:35:56 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Then stop putting yourself in danger!  I wasn't going to watch you hang when i could do something about it!

7:37:07 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: :  ::once Maeve is unlocked, the mayor says::  You two are free to go.

7:37:51 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ;:she doesn't look back at Isaac as she gently massages her wrists. They're marked up from being cuffed for so long::

7:38:19 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::sighs:: Let me heal your wrists

7:39:13 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::shakes her head; quietly:: You're still sick. Just help me up.... 

7:40:01 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::moves to help her stand::

7:40:46 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she leans against him, heavily, and closes her eyes.::

7:41:38 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::softly::  Is she all right?

7:43:26 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::murmurs:: I don't know

7:44:13 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::mutters:: Tired. Cold. ::she frowns then looks up:: Libby...

7:44:40 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::tries to offer Maeve a smile::  I'm sorry...

7:45:18 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ;:her frown deepens, like she doesn't know why and then she cringes:: Oh...I didn't even think... ::shudders::

7:48:05 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::shakes her head, not knowing what else to say::

7:48:17 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: Well.. aren't they letting you out?

7:48:59 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LB:  ::shakes her head::  At least, not unless I pay the same price.

7:49:57 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she bites her lip and leans against Isaac; she cant really say it's worth it. Not with how empty she feels...again::

7:52:34 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::looks over at Dolly:: Livvy's better now, right?

7:52:52 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LV:  ::has a solemn look on her face, but her eyes are bright again::

7:53:22 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she nods and gets up:: Yes but I think she'd like to see Maeve for herself. She isn't very happy. 

7:54:10 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she cringes:: 

7:59:21 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she reaches out to gently touch Livvy's cheek when they draw closer to Dolly;:

8:01:56 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: LV:  ::looks up at her mother with wide eyes::

8:02:27 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::smiles tiredly:; Hey little one. 

8:16:00 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Come on, let's get you home

8:18:16 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she nods:: Bath... ::she shivers::

8:19:06 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: I didn't even have a chance to tell the others where we went - they're probably wondering where we are

8:20:59 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she just nods and tucks herself closer to him when they get outside::

8:23:31 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::leads her home, not really sure what to say to her, just grateful that she's alive::

8:33:48 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: JH:  ::is trying in vain to study when they come in::

8:35:16 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she's leaning on Isaac, still feeling drained of energy. Still cold too:: 

8:36:14 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: JH:  ::looks in and gasps::  Maeve?  Isaac?

8:37:39 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::Smiles weakly at Josh:: She's alive

8:38:02 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: DK: ::she's behind them, carrying Livvy::

8:38:34 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: JH:  ::stares for a few moments, and then runs forward::  Are you two related to Lazarus or something?

8:38:35 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::gives Josh a half-hearted smile:: Hey... 

8:39:06 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she cringes, paling at the reminder; mutters:: Maybe

8:39:51 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: JH:  ::winces::  Sorry.  ::reaches forward to hug her::

8:40:55 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::lightly puts an arm around him, though she's still using Isaac for support::

8:45:39 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: You should sit down.  Do you want anything to eat?

8:46:36 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: No.. I just want to... a bath. I want a bath.

8:46:47 PM tenthit@hotmail.com: JH:  ::runs to the stairs::  I'll run it.

8:47:12 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::a tiny smile threaten at Josh's offer:: 

8:53:33 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::softly:: I love you

8:58:09 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she looks up; mutters:: I don't see how. ::she sighs and drops her gaze again::

9:00:00 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: What're you talking about?

9:00:58 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::weakly:: It's all my fault, isn't? Why you left...this whole mess? One thing after another... ::she shakes her head;: 

9:02:30 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: I shouldn't have left

9:03:30 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she cringes, softly:: That doesn't change the reason Isaac. 

9:05:04 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: I never stopped loving you

9:05:50 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she leans against him, her voice breaking:: Then why did you go? 

9:09:26 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::softly:: Everything had worn me out, it wasn't just you, it was Eli too - i needed a break, i thought i needed to get away from it all

9:11:09 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she smacks  his shoulder though it's barely a tap in her weakened state; mutters:: You promised you wouldn't leave me. 

9:12:27 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: I'm sorry.  I came back as soon as i could

9:14:24 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she curls against him, shivering.:: Just hold me. Please? 

9:15:21 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: ::holds her tightly:: I'm so glad you're okay

9:16:00 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ;:she trembles again. There's still a big gaping hole inside of her that she can't shake:: 

9:17:40 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: If there'd been another way to keep you alive...

9:18:13 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::softly:: I feel so empty... 

9:20:34 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: I'm sorry.  I couldn't face losing you again

9:21:35 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she cringes and presses her face against his shoulder, trying to block out her thoughts::

9:26:57 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she cringes and presses her face against his shoulder, trying to block out her thoughts::

9:27:38 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: IS: Come on, maybe the bath'll help you feel better

9:28:01 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she doubts it but nods for his sake:: 

9:31:33 PM quantumkitten@hotmail.com: EK: ::appears at the top of the stairs:: Hey, Dolly told me what happened. Welcome back

9:32:22 PM maggybeths@gmail.com: MV: ::she looks up, a little surprised:: Oh, thanks.

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