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The Cat

Skipping through the grass, the child smiled.
She'd be in a good mood for a while.

By herself, with no worries to stop her.
Suddenly, she heard a kitten's soft purr.

Laura carefully picked up the feline.
Hissing weakly--maybe it was dying.

Laura's happiness did quickly leave her
As she touched the kitten's matted, brown fur.

"Kitty," Laura spoke to the poor kitten.
"I will take you home." The girl was smitten

With the small, weak cat that had no mother.
(Laura really hoped the cat would love her!)

Laura snuck the cat into the bathroom.
However, the cat meowed, and would be found soon.

Several minutes later, Laura's father
Found the kitten dripping wet with water.

Dad did not want such a dirty kitty.
When his daughter washed it, it turned pretty!

Brown fur, minus dirt, now silver colored,
Struck the father; his defences lowered.

Father, daughter, cat went to the kitchen
Getting food, for which the cat was itching.

Laura bottle-fed the kitten that day,
Spending more time with it than in her play.

True, a kitten is hard to take care of.
The rewards, however, are such great love

Given to the cat and received also.
The reciprocality of love's flow.

Laura got a brand-new gift from Kitty:
Happiness with responsibility.

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