Kirsten's Outtakes

This is an outtake from the leaning-over shot of 4.3.06, the bread-making adventure.

I promise I didn't set this up; this is exactly how she fell! No doll abuse!

("But after I fell, you ran to get your camera before you helped me up," said Kirsten...)

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Mini Kit took a dive at Maumee Bay Park in 5.20.06 part 2's adventure. It doesn't quite explain why she lost her skirt, but oh well; there probably weren't any men around anyway!

Poor Mini Nellie! I seriously debated whether to even take the picture...I hope this is the last terrible thing the poor girl has to go through. :( (She fell off the mantle, of course, in 5.26.06's adventure.)

Kirsten took a spill on her birthday (6.16.06).

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